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Over the weekend, I went to the craft store.  It was a store I hadn’t been in in a long time, based upon the expiration date of my discount club card thingy.  (It said it expired in 2015…)  This store has everything my meandering creatives heart could desire—fabric, sewing patterns, craft books, yarn, jewelry bits and bobs, paper supplies, scrapbooking supplies, fine art…and enough aisles in between to keep my youngest entertained for a bit as well.

I went in specifically because I just found out about Dina Wakley’s multi-surface journal for mixed media…it has cotton rag paper pages, kraft paper pages, untreated canvas pages, and burlap pages.  I spent a week after seeing that journal online before I could see it in person and decide, yes, I want this.  It was another week before I would buy one—and it’s a good thing I waited because it was on sale when I bought it.  The thing is—I wanted another one.  That is how I ended up at this particular craft store this weekend—looking for another one.

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Playing in new Dina Wakley multi surface art journal

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They didn’t have the journal I was after—but they had a lot of other stuff.  I’d like to tell you what, but much of it will be turned into gifts so I cannot disclose the contents.

I am just happy that I found this store again—because it has everything I want in it and more.

A funny thing happened, though, while I was in this store.  In this store, during an incredible store-wide sale…not everything was on sale—it just felt like it.

After I found out about the multi-surface journal, I went to YouTube to seek out videos about it, about what it was, about what people were doing with it…and watching a YouTube video by a fellow artist I follow is exactly how I found out about this journal anyway…I watched so many videos of people working in this journal.  One thing that struck me was how many supplies some people have—because some of the videos were not just hey, watch me play in my journal—they started out as hey, look at my haul, or look at my supplies…and moved into working in the journal.  So, my curiosity was piqued over several products I saw.

Now, fast-forward to being in the store, looking around.  I am not quite in need of fabric yet—I have a stash and I have some patterns I want to play with before I get really into buying fabrics and sewing bits again.

I did buy two skeins of dishcloth cotton, because I have a stack of knitted dishcloths to make and I loved the color and it was one that I don’t see too often…so I grabbed two skeins of it.  Now, I have been having trouble finding a DK weight yarn that I like in the stores I usually shop at (and I try to shop local before shopping online—and I have a budget to stick to)…this store had several yarns that were lovely and DK weight…I think I might still have to go to Knitpicks to buy my DK weight cotton yarn, but I’ll cross that bridge when I get there.  I have plenty of yarn and patterns in my to be done pile to keep me busy for a while yet…and now my youngest is intent on learning to knit – he has his own needles and his own yarn and we started lessons last night.  If I can get him to pay attention and understand what’s going on…and not drum with the knitting needles every time he touches them … I may be able to give this child something that will help calm and focus him…so fingers crossed there…it will be a trip, I know.

I looked through the paper crafting section—which includes mixed media…no journal that I wanted to be found—but lots of other things, so many things on sale, so many things on clearance…and it hit me…I may want to TRY this product, but I don’t really see me incorporating it into my art or any other work in a cohesive or constant way enough to justify getting it.

That was the weird thing.  I have enough supplies to keep me busy.  I have supplies I love to work with—and there is plenty of experimenting to be done with everything I have yet.  The new stuff looks cool…but right now, I don’t want it.  I have more than enough to keep me occupied.  I’m sticking with what I have and delving deeper into that…and letting the rest go until something jumps out at me…like this journal…

I’ll talk more about the journal itself later…in another post.

Until then…

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