Artwork: Grimoire

Journal page: computer paper, crayon, colored pencil, acrylic paints, watercolor, Stabilo, texture paste, adhesive, Lyra water soluble graphite stick

I love this piece.  It’s the first one I did on a burlap page.  When we took my oldest to get her first tattoo, my youngest and I sat and doodled and drew.  On one piece, I drew this girl–and I wanted to keep her.  And I wanted to keep, 1 the texture of the burlap and 2 as much nof my youngest’s scribbles as possible.


Art Card

This was actually done on a Project Life card (R)

Art card: gesso, acrylic paints, charcoal pencil, watercolors, colored pencils, black ink pen

It’s funny; she didn’t look so tired until after I sprayed her with sealant.  The sealant moved around, taking some colored pencil with it…and voila.

Artwork: Grimoire

She’s not in the best focus, thanks to glare off the scanner.  Some of the hanging threads got in the way during scanning.

But, ya know what, here she is.

Journal Page: Acrylic paints, watercolor paints, colored pencils, charcoal stick, Stabilo black pencil

Artwork: Grimoire

journal page: black sharpie, acrylic paint, metallic markers, colored pencils, Stabilo black pencil

The words were completely covered–until I hit her with the sealant…then out they popped.

This is actually page three of the Grimoire #1 journal.

This is also the page where it struck me that this journal could be an actual Grimoire…and I could use it to set intentions and to work through things.