Another One Book July 2018 Post

So, Sunday…was, for no real reason, my day to make journal covers.

I made a grey suede one:

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and a black one:

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Now–originally, these two pieces of suede were supposed to be the same journal…I drove myself nuts cutting the suede…one piece just a little bigger than the other so that when it was closed you could see just a touch of the other leather underneath.  The suede is thin, so I figured doubling it up would make it stronger and hardier.

I wanted a flap.  I wanted to be able to put in a ton of inserts and still have everything covered by the cover and the flap.  A pen loop is mandatory, even though I have removable pen loops I could use.

When I put the heat and bond on the suede–I forgot to make sure I put it on the correct sides to adhere the pieces together–I picked the cleanest sides…and so…I, of course, did not do it on the correct side of both pieces to adhere them together.

Instead, I decided–ok–two journal covers then.

I lined them with fabric since the heat and bond was already on them.


As with my fabric composition book journal cover (from yesterday), it slipped my mind that I needed five binding holes and not three…if I had stopped myself long enough, I would have thought, hey, these grommets are a bit big (about 1/2 inch).  Let me go get some smaller ones.

Nope.  Not me.  I had to carry on.

So, I finagled my way into getting everything set up so that I could still have the elastic cords.

Now, the grey journal is mine…I actually have eight inserts set up in there.

And the best part is…there is still room for more stuff….

If I chose to double up on each elastic, there is room for my cover to expand…and I have a flap, which I adore…and I have a pen loop…and I have neat little trinkets…and I have cool ribbon…

I’m good.  I’m good.

I think if I go for one single journal, this will be it–because I can have as many inserts as I need to have without having to worry about things sticking out or whatever like I do with my other journals.

What about the black journal, you may be asking…well, I have a call in to a friend who I think this journal would make very happy…and if she wants it, it’s hers.  If not…I may put it on the open market.

Drop me an email if you are interested…now that I know where I screwed up…the next ones I make will be even better, lol…