Halloween Prompts A’Gore This Year

  This year, the prompts are all about fear. Go ahead. Write about them Draw. Take a picture. Create a debauched scene in your front yard...or maybe your basement... Whatever these prompts entice you to do (safely, of course), please do. The challenge starts...tomorrow. See you there.

Quick Preview : The Halloween Book

https://www.instagram.com/p/BoN2-ppn13N/?taken-by=tabitha_j_low These are the front and back covers of the Halloween 'lookbook" I am creating. Waiting for glue to dry...it's difficult. So...while I am waiting...I'll fill you in a little bit about what is going into this journal and what is being used to make it. Those wonderful faerie covers?¬† You can find them--and so … Continue reading Quick Preview : The Halloween Book