Whimsical Wednesday : Into the Forest



The Hare And The Hedgehog


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Coming In December…


So, the other day I was thinking about all the art that I see, all the books I read, all the movies I see…and all the ideas of things that come up…and what I wanted my youngest to learn about the holidays…and from that tiny spark I decided that I wanted to create some sort of prompt challenge for December.

You can do with it as you will, as always.  Make some art.  Write a story.  Bake a cake.  Do a dance.  Go out and twirl around in your front yard–just dress appropriately for the weather you are having…

There is no pressure.  Do what you want and let it go if you don’t feel it.

This year–because Duncan and I have discussed it and we want to continue this tradition–we are focusing on … well, people of the holiday season.  I pulled from my own background, so if you are feeling someone was left out on purpose–nope–I just didn’t know about them.  Please tell me about who I missed…we can use them as alternate prompts or bonus prompts.

The festivities begin on December 1–I will post a prompt every single day until the 31st…after that…we’ll just have to see what the New Year brings…