Yule – Day 31

For ideas on what to do with these prompts, please click here. Some of the prompts may seem very similar, but the history of each character is different.  Please have fun researching each character.   Father Winter


2019 Word Of The Year Reveal

2018 was the Year of Settling In…and now at the very end of the year, as I look back, I think it may have meant more along the lines of settle in because this year is going to be a BUMPY ride…and it surely has…and I am not quite sure how much it is settling … Continue reading 2019 Word Of The Year Reveal

Whimsical Wednesdays 2019 — Theme Announcement

Coming every Wednesday in 2019 will be an animal for you to interact with.  use this as a time to explore the animal itself, or perhaps journey with a new spirit animal, whatever takes your fancy. I have tried to maintain a neutral animal type when possible--for example, I say dog and not husky, or … Continue reading Whimsical Wednesdays 2019 — Theme Announcement