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Hand knitted rugs…oh my

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I posted this on my Instagram feed a while back…

The purple lighting is from plant grow bulbs–for some reason, they put out purple light–and I am so used to it now I don’t actually notice it that much anymore.

Now, what appears in the picture is just–awesome-sauce.

A hand-knitted rug.  We now have about six, maybe seven of these.  We found them at the thrift store–and as I have been talking about knitting up some rugs to use up my acrylic stash for…years now…when I saw them…I grabbed them up immediately.  I did not grab every single one of them.  Just the ones that looked must…uhm…rug-ish.  There were a couple that were too long and thin to be rugs–but were still too thick and short to be shawls or anything else.

Now, I know what these actually are…and it sort of makes me sad.  These — well, they could be charity knit works made for animal shelters for larger cages.  I am always sad to see things like this at a thrift store that will never donate to animal shelters–or anywhere else that I am aware of.

We found some similar smaller panels a few months ago.  My son loved the colors so much he scooped them all up and had me “put them all together” (I crocheted them together) for him to make him a blanket.  I did…and he loves it.

It looks like these larger ones were made using at least three, but maybe four, strands of acrylic yarn held as one.  Colors are all mixed up.  All of them are striped.  Some were knit sideways.  Some were knit lengthways.  Some have sparkly yarn.  All of them are beautifully colorful.  There are ends tied off all over, especially after I washed them.  The bind off confuses me because it looks as if there was a cord or something pulled through the last row of stitches and tied off to keep things loose.

They are so squishy to step on.  It’s a luxury to walk on them; it’s so cushy.  I have one dog who always sits on a rug and one who doesn’t.  The one who doesn’t now always sits on one of the rugs, to get her treats or whatever.  The cats love these things, sprawling out across them.  The humans love them, due to the cush and the squish.  The only drawback is…I didn’t back them with anything non-slip…so if you are making a mad dash through the house, you are likely to slide…(think cat races, lol)  After that first slip and slide adventure, both youngest boy and dogs figured out the best way to run over them without hurting themselves…

All the rugs are currently in the kitchen.  I am thinking I may need to knit some more…and when I do, at least I know they are going to be tough–they will last–and they will be so yummy to walk on.




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