So, Long Time–No See….

I started this year with a list, a list, I tell you, of blog posts and prompts and things I wanted to write about, talk about, show you guys, here on the blog…and yet…


I got sick in January…yup…I did the best I could…and then the germs lingered…and lingered…

I did two trips in a row around the antibiotic fields of joy-joy drugs that make me almost as sick as I was before but do alleviate the awesome need to remove my teeth with pliers they hurt so bloody bad…uh huh.

It was March…and I looked around, thinking, sheesh, I do NOT want to write a blog post — again — that says, hey, sorry, but I am sick and too ill, too tired, too bleary-eyed to even think of checking email, must less being competent and cohesive enough to write anything decent in a blog post to say–hey, I’m sick–I would have had months worth of daily posts just saying, yup, still sick, yup, still sick…and maybe once in a while, yup, still breathing, or trying to at least…

I am still not sure how we arrived at APRIL (for the love of all that’s holy!)–and yet–here we are–it’s April…

I would like to be able to say (because it’s how I was raised) that I am embarrassed that I have done so little visible work–either with my writing, or art, or posting here–but ya know–being this sick, over and over and over…somtimes heavy heavy can’t it sucks to twitch sick and sometimes just ye gods will this malingering annoyance that saps every bit of everything out of me low-grade BSery, has gotten me to a point where–I am not embarrassed–I am not ashamed–and I am just going to pick up where I left off and move forward. much as if this whole beginning of the year has not simply flown by with little accomplished on my part.

So, fair warning–hopefully I shall be showing up here regularly.  I do have a ton of topics on my list to write about…and although I have been mostly immobile, there has been a great deal of cerebral work happening…and hopefully, more of it will be revealed quite soon.


Spirit Animal Prompt 15

If you have any questions about these prompts, please click here.

If you need more ideas as to what to do with these prompts, please click here.

This week’s animal is:

Road Runner

Here are some questions to get you going—


What about this animal appeals to me?

What about this animal repels me?

Why is this animal coming to me now?

What can I learn from this animal?

What is this animal trying to tell me?

How do I interpret the knowledge this animal is giving me?

How do I make use of the information this animal is giving me?


Use these questions as a springboard.  Ask yourself more questions.  Ask your animal more questions.  Delve deeper into the mystery set before you.  Enjoy the process.

What can you do with these prompts?

Anything you want to do.

Write a story.

Create some art.

Write a poem.

Knit.  Crochet.  Bake.

Whatever it is that you feel called to do, so long as it harm none, feel free to do it in response to these prompts.