Mise En Place — Word Of The Year Check-In


Mise en place…to prepare everything, as in the foodservice industry, to have all the little things ready to go before dinner service so that you don’t have to stop in the middle of anything and chop up various whatevers that may be needed…For me, mise en place has been my word of the year… the year is moving onwards, shooting forward, wanting to come to a close…and what have I accomplished this year?

I have meant to have so much more interaction with my blog here this year, with my writing, with everything…and between flare-ups, sickness, running back and forth to appointments…I feel as if not much has been accomplished…

I sat down the other day and I thought about it.  I have accomplished quite a bit this year.  Most of these things have been internal, spiritual, mental…and there have been some physical manifestations as well…

Big changes are in the works in the New Year.  This blog you are reading right now…it’s may just disappear in its entirety at year’s end. Alyce, as I affectionately call this blog, has been active in one form or another, since April 2015.  She served her purpose for me, for my family, brilliantly…but I have outgrown her and need a new…I want to say, pasture in which to graze, a new forest in which to run, a new ocean in which to swim.

It is difficult to say Alyce has been a mask for me, when so much has been revealed here…but …things are changing and shifting for me.  On so many levels.  To lay Alyce down and leave her by the roadside seems more like taking off a mask and moving forward without wearing one.  The way I explain the current changes I am undergoing is I am still on the same Journey, heading towards the same Place, but I am taking a different Path to get there.

I will reveal the New Path in the coming days…I still have a great deal of work to do.  I just began work on a new blog…I have storefronts to set up…many many things to do…and I am not going to push myself.  I have several chronic issues I deal with.  Among all the other things I do.  Pushing myself means a flare and means delays…and that will drive me nuts, which will cause the flare to worsen…so I am going to be as sanguine as possible about things and let things come as they shall.

The foundations have been laid…and I am going to move forward.  That is where my current year, and my current mindset, is at the moment.

Thank you for following along on this journey.

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