Spirit Animal Prompt 46

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This week’s animal is:


Here are some questions to get you going—


What about this animal appeals to me?

What about this animal repels me?

Why is this animal coming to me now?

What can I learn from this animal?

What is this animal trying to tell me?

How do I interpret the knowledge this animal is giving me?

How do I make use of the information this animal is giving me?


Use these questions as a springboard.  Ask yourself more questions.  Ask your animal more questions.  Delve deeper into the mystery set before you.  Enjoy the process.

What can you do with these prompts?

Anything you want to do.

Write a story.

Create some art.

Write a poem.

Knit.  Crochet.  Bake.

Whatever it is that you feel called to do, so long as it harm none, feel free to do it in response to these prompts.





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Tabitha Low

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