I am on the upside (hopefully) of an illness.  I had to take this past Monday off entirely; I did nothing but sleep.  Bless my family because they made sure I got rest, and ate, and got more rest, the whole day.

Which is why nothing was written nor posted last Wednesday…and today…I am just fighting to sit upright and be human.  I have little actual downtime…even if it may seem I do…I have fewer and fewer spoons every day and each thing I am required to do (as in taking our son here, there, etc) wipes me out more than I can explain…and that isn’t even the majority of our day on any given day.

I am in shock that November is nearly over.  I was just researching NaNoWriMo alternatives, I swear.  I have quite a list and had decided to move forward on doing my own thing—and I have been ill nearly all of November this year—which is awful after deciding I am going to do X and having a plan in place to do X…and lacking any sort of energy, desire, or need to move forward on X…

This is going to be a check-in for my Word of the year…what was it this year again?  I forget it all the time.  Oddly enough, by Halloween I normally have next year’s word simmering or already set…and this year…I have no clue whatsoever…

Oh, this year is Mise En Place…which is absolutely perfect for where I am currently. Put everything in place…so when the ‘real’ work begins everything is right there at your fingertips and you can pick up what you need and run with it—versus wandering around in circles trying to find this, having to get this done before you can do that, making this…

I have my 2020 Passion Planner ready to go…I have The Witches Planner printed out (I bought the digital version as they are located in the UK) so I won’t miss any Moon cycles or holidays or anything…hopefully…also today Ethony released her free 2020 Tarot by the Moon Guide…which I have printed out and need to add into my Passion Planner.  I have no clear idea of how I am going to do that cleanly yet.

I have storefronts set up…the only thing with anything in it, other than my Gumroad store which I have had up for a while now, is my Etsy store, because I am thinking of putting my mom’s jewelry up for sale…and I am not entirely sure of the physical products that I can sell on Gumroad.  I am however planning to sell hand-made hand-bound journals/books via Gumroad next year.

I have everything set up…I have the new blog/website up…and I have even posted there…once…again, I’ve been sick… I have mind maps; I have lists; I have plans.  I have only myself to depend upon to accomplish all these goals.  I have a homeschool and a household to run. The animal menagerie… I have more than one chronic medical issue to manage.  On top of doing all of this.

BUT—I am ready to surge ahead once the energy and the healthy moment of the body strikes.  So, although it feels as if I have accomplished nothing in this year – I genuinely have.

Now, if I can only do as much as I can each day…and lately that’s not as much as I would like…but I do what I can.

Until next time…


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