2018 Blog Offerings

I am calling these blog offerings…because blog schedule is way too harsh for me…the thought of having to obey a rule just ruffles up my tail feathers…so…offerings it is.

At some point during each month, hopefully, sooner rather than later, I will be offering the following free items:


A Monthly Prompt Calendar 

At the beginning of the month, I will post a (however many days in that month) calendar of single word prompts.  do with them as you will.  Write. Draw.  Paint.  Journal.  Bake.  Dance.  Whatever tickles your fancy.


A Zine

A simple zine that you can print out and fold, for your very own.  I have no idea what will go into every zine, but I do have some ideas.

*I am not affiliated with the link on folding there; it was just the first thing that popped up after a quick search.


A Knitting Pattern

I am planning to knit twelve dishcloths/washcloths this year, to test out different stitch patterns.  I will feature one pattern per month for free on the blog.