Whimsical Wednesdays: The Prompts

Years ago, on a completely different blog that no longer exists, I began to create daily inspirational prompts.

I used words, themes, stories, pictures, songs, poetry–whatever happened to float my boat when I was doing it.

It evolved into a weekly process, with prompts posting on Wednesdays.

When I created this blog (due to technical glitches with the old one), I decided that having so many different spaces for everything was not what I wanted (there were many blogs, each devoted to one thing…)–so I gathered up those bits of myself into one single solidified space.  Right here.

And so, the Wednesday prompts came here to this blog.

What do you do with these prompts?

What are you called to do with these prompts?

Write a poem.





Write a story.

Create a character, in whatever way suits you.

Bake a cake.


Whatever moves you the most in response to the prompt is what you should do.

Please feel free to comment and share your work.

We would love to see it.

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