My Alyce Journey

watermarked-queen of heart crop

Once upon a time, long ago, in a land far away…quite simply—I fell down a rabbit hole.

Now, the Rabbit I followed was not late.  He was black with a tiny white spot on his throat.  He did not work for the Queen, neither Red nor White.

My Rabbit was and still is a free agent—and he had a great deal to show me.  He still does.

Thus began my own adventures in Wonderland…Underland…gallivanting through Umbrage without a care…dancing in the gardens, singing along with the shy little violets…diving from high cliffs into crystal clear depths of oceans to hover waif-like near to others so like my own kind…and the Trees…I cannot do justice to the Trees there—so tall, so alive, so wise…

So, Queen Alyce became my patron saint, my sovereign queen…and although there are times I forget my way to the wonders down under the land there…I always manage to find a way back in, thank goodness.

I hope you will come along and join me on this journey.

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