Weekly Video Check-Ins

Tamara Laporte offered up a challenge in February of this year (2016).  This is not the first year she did this; it was the first year I knew about it and the first year that I participated in it.

Her challenge was called: Vlog Every Day In February.

I took that challenge.  I did not create a video every single day of that month, for which I make no apologies.

However, this challenge did galvanize me into doing something I had been promising myself to do for several months before the New Year (of 2016) began…and that I kept stalling and procrastinating about.  I made videos.

Once February was done, Tam did offer up a vlog every week challenge in her facebook group.   The first regular weekly video I made was indeed based upon one of her prompts; however, that had never been my intention.

My intention was and still is to welcome you into my space every week and tell you what I am up to at that time.

Maybe you will hear about my kids, my dogs, my art, my writing, challenges of various sorts and natures, plans, and a death-defying gerbil bent on overtaking and ruling the whole world (who has since passed on now in 2017).

You never know.

One thing you do need to know is that I do not post anything on this blog when I post a video most of the time.  Maybe sometimes I will, but usually, I do not.

Now, the links above take you to various lists and boards of mine, but if you want everything clearly all in one place so you can find it, here you go:

my youtube channel

my youtube weekly check-in playlist