Quick Preview : The Halloween Book

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Yay…Halloween is coming. ..

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These are the front and back covers of the Halloween ‘lookbook” I am creating.

Waiting for glue to dry…it’s difficult.

So…while I am waiting…I’ll fill you in a little bit about what is going into this journal and what is being used to make it.

Those wonderful faerie covers?  You can find them–and so much more– here, as digital downloads.

Inside there will be more digital downloads, which I bought from here.

I bought ephemera from here–as in actually paper goods that arrived in the mail…and utterly delighted and overwhelmed me.

I also bought some ribbon from here.

There is also plenty of recollections and Tim Holtz for paper, ephemera, washi tape.

The covers are actually being made from two 8×10 inch canvas boards, from Artist Loft.

I have collected bits and bobs and pieces from every store I have walked into in the past few weeks.  A little bit here.  A little bit there.  My youngest loves to help grab things…

We are a house full of people who love Halloween…as say as our newest member, a little orange cat, crawls around my shoulders trying to chew on my hair…

Help comes from all over and everywhere, whether asked for or not, around here.  🙂

This will be the first time I am making a book specifically as an inspiration piece, not to use later on for artwork or writing.  I wanted to make sure I gave credit where it is due…before I dig into the filling of the book and forget where everything came from…

So here’s your hint.  Here’s your tiny taste…more will be coming.

What are you doing to prepare for Halloween this year?



Eleven Days In…And Now I Am Posting About It…

It’s September…ok, so it is seriously 11 days into September now…and Ayala Art is hosting another round of 29 Faces.

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WIPS day 6 #29faces

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I was lucky enough to catch some posts on Instagram that reminded me that hey, it’s September…people are making faces…I caught that on the 3rd …

So, it’s the 11th…and we as a family walked into September with nearly all of us sick as dogs.  What the heck is up with summer flus?  This is my second one this year.  On top of that, my oldest moved (erm, is moving, moved, is…working on it….doesn’t sleep here anymore…long story…) into her first apartment…or at least a sublet room in a two-bedroom apartment with a room-mate.  To say we are all ragged right now–that’s an understatement.

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WIP #29faces

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BUT…I love this challenge…and this season hit me at just the right time…I had been bingeing on Mindy Lacefield’s videos…and I have been wanting to get back into my own primitive little faces thing again…and I love how Mindy frequently starts with a square for the head…it’s just so cool.

I just bought her book, Wild Surrender, used, online…and when it got here, I was shocked-amazed-thrilled to find out it was an actual autographed copy.

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WIP ATC #29faces

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I am telling you this because for this month’s 29 Faces challenge, I have set up a few rules for myself.

1-I am using a very limited amount of supplies.

A charcoal pencil, a black stabilio, one paintbrush.  I have a water brush sitting here too, but I have yet to use it at all…and if I haven’t used it yet, I probably won’t.

A tray of water-soluble wax crayons (Reeves brand, I think–the box died ages ago).

A bottle of white paint.  A bottle of gold paint.

2-I have to start off with a square shape for the head.

3-I have to create ‘prims’, as I call them.  Little ‘primitive’ type girls.  I love these girls…and there is a lot going on with me behind the scenes as I make them.

An unofficial ‘rule’ I have is that when I work in my journal, each day I work a face on each page, each side of the two-page spread.  And when I hit upon a spread that has a smaller page in the middle of two big pages…each side of that smaller page gets a face on it–as well as the two larger pages.

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2 WIPs #29faces

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I have also been making ATCs this week…because I am prepping a journal for a totally different project by coating the pages with a mix of modeling paste and white paint to create a highly textured surface to work on–and as I cover one spread with this mix, anything left on the brush I wipe all over a playing card as foundation.  After today, I will have five ATCs made this way.  It’s pretty fun too.

I have also started making some of these faces in my grimoire, in what I am currently calling my Halloween journal, and last night I finished a 5 x 7 inch canvas.

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WIP working my New Moon piece #29faces

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You can follow along on Instagram where I post my WIPS (but almost never a finished product for some reason…) I love to see how the pieces change from basic sketch to completed piece.  A lot can change with a single flick of a brush.  Especially when the faces aren’t very large.

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WIPS now in my actual #29faces journal

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At the end of the month, at the end of the challenge, I will be making a video to show you all the faces I made…and hopefully, I will get well enough to pull together a board on Pinterest as well.