Another Week Of #100FunFabFaces

The journal I am using–isn’t really meant to be an art journal.  It’s a simple 8 inches by 6 inches book, filled with thin brown-toned kraft paper.  The pages are thin–and they do not seem very thrilled with wet media…They are going to have to suck it up anyway because that’s what I fancy working with at the moment.

You can learn more about the #100FunFabFaces challenge that Karen Campbell is hosting (for FREE!) here.

Here’s my second set of faces:

Karen actually had two reference photos for that week (watch her video–you’ll see why)…and this is just the set I made from the first reference, using sharpie and water color…because my Jane Davenport mermaid markers are finicky.  Some pages in this journal, those markers work fine.  The color moves effortlessly with just a touch of water…on others, that stuff doesn’t move if I use a bucket of water on them, several times….so I turned to my watercolors to play with these faces.

My next set of faces will be coming…soon…


Karen Campbell’s #100FunFabFaces Challenge

#1–I am wicked behind on this challenge.  I started it with everyone on time–then my husband went out of the country on a business trip…and then the December holidays hit…along with my being sick, then the small boy being sick, then my husband’s annual ski trip–and he brought back some horrible germs from that trip–although I am deeply thankful our youngest didn’t get it…I did though–and am still fighting off bits of it to this day…

#2–I mean to finish this challenge, one way or another, lol.

#3–I don’t count other faces/etc that I do elsewhere for this project.  If I don’t make them in my specific to this challenge journal…just…because…that’s how I’m doing it.

And so…if you are interested in playing along–it’s all free…you can follow along on Karen’s YouTube channel here. You can get all the details and more there.

Here is what I did for my first week…


I started working, trying to do something more like what karen did…and then allowed myself to evolve and play with things.

Some of these I love; some I like; some I am not happy with…and I decided I would just go with whatever came out, depending on the products I used.

I’ll have another post ready to show you soon…

Quick Preview : The Halloween Book

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Yay…Halloween is coming. ..

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These are the front and back covers of the Halloween ‘lookbook” I am creating.

Waiting for glue to dry…it’s difficult.

So…while I am waiting…I’ll fill you in a little bit about what is going into this journal and what is being used to make it.

Those wonderful faerie covers?  You can find them–and so much more– here, as digital downloads.

Inside there will be more digital downloads, which I bought from here.

I bought ephemera from here–as in actually paper goods that arrived in the mail…and utterly delighted and overwhelmed me.

I also bought some ribbon from here.

There is also plenty of recollections and Tim Holtz for paper, ephemera, washi tape.

The covers are actually being made from two 8×10 inch canvas boards, from Artist Loft.

I have collected bits and bobs and pieces from every store I have walked into in the past few weeks.  A little bit here.  A little bit there.  My youngest loves to help grab things…

We are a house full of people who love Halloween…as say as our newest member, a little orange cat, crawls around my shoulders trying to chew on my hair…

Help comes from all over and everywhere, whether asked for or not, around here.  🙂

This will be the first time I am making a book specifically as an inspiration piece, not to use later on for artwork or writing.  I wanted to make sure I gave credit where it is due…before I dig into the filling of the book and forget where everything came from…

So here’s your hint.  Here’s your tiny taste…more will be coming.

What are you doing to prepare for Halloween this year?