Oh, Yes, I Am Playing Along…

Oh, yes, I am playing along with this year’s prompts

I have a sketchbook–well, it’s more of a writing journal that I turned into a sketchbook…and I have been sketching every day of October…

Here are some of the finished pieces:


It usually takes me a couple days to sketch, then paint, then finish each one…which is why I don’t publish them every day…I just can’t…but eventually…all shall be revealed.


But wait, I have also been using the prompts here to write stories over on the Sisters blog…can you tell which ones were inspired by what prompt?

My goal this month is to write something every day…whether it gets published on Sisters or not…so far, so good…

Here are a couple links to get you interested…and inspired…more will be coming along…

Flowers In The Forest

Into The Forest Dark

Sleep Tight

I think at the end of October, I will pull together all the art that I have done, as well as all the stories, and I will create a little book…different than the usual free PDF at the end of October…but still, along that same vein.



From Eclipse To Equinox…


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This is the unfinished piece — she still has a bit of work to be done before I call her done.

I sketched her out at the Eclipse…I painted her out on the Equinox.

This feels like ME…this feels like my work…and that makes me happy

29 Faces Update

So, this is not the month for me to do this challenge, at all.

I have been planning to write this post for a while…and luckily, I have many sketches on instagram to show that I actually have drawn something…

Am I up to date on my count?


I have completed five faces in total.  I have sketched out twenty faces in total.  My pink polka dot journal has a face on every page…thanks to going to my husband’s latest softball game and feeling calm enough to sketch and to scribble (it was really nice, outside, under a tree, without much noise in the background…well, most of the time)…

May not look like much, but it's my 29 faces journal I made from a gift bag…

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I won’t be posting every single instagram picture…they are all tagged.

I haven’t been posting the finished products–and yes, my printer/scanner is still refusing to speak to my computer…two of the pieces I did this month were actually for other projects and you will be seeing a lot of them next month and next year…but for now, I will not be revealing them.

WIP. ..first layer of color

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The week after next I am having surgery…I am reaching a point where all I want to do here is clean and organize–which is a farce when my teenager comes in right behind me and literally in five minutes has decimated all the work I have done…and thank you, I have tried talking to her–she can’t see what I am talking about so I am wasting my breath…so, I do what I can…and pray I might find some of the things she puts away who knows where when I actually need them…so I am not sure how much more art I will do…or if I will just keep making books…I like making books–it is calming, stressful but relaxing…and since I now have a collection of fountain pens to play with…I am looking forward to some downtime to write after the surgery…knock on wood.

A New Hand-Made Hand-Bound Journal Created

Found a stack of old artwork…turned it into a little handbound journal

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A while back, I lost my three-hole punch.

It wasn’t really lost; it had merely been put somewhere safe, somewhere very safe…and it took me a bit to figure out where the heck that might be.

During the many—many—searches that I made in order to find that three-hole punch, I found a great deal of stuff…much of it I had totally forgotten about.

Before I started taking any sort of online art classes, I had painted these very quick Goddess figures on cardstock…and I found the stack of them, stuffed under and stuck back behind, a bunch of stuff…

So I pulled them out…confused as to their existence for a while.

Then I decided–they’d make a terrific base for a journal of some sort…be it an art journal or a writing journal.

So, on the sixth, I started to work on my Full Moon piece.  I used paint — and I had left-over paint–which I threw down on some cardstock because it was sitting right there.  Halfway through the Full Moon piece, it struck me that the cardstock goddesses would be fine wrapped in a cardstock cover.

So.  That’s what happened.

I splattered and sploshed paint all over the cover cardstock piece.  Then I doused that with a hefty dose of glitter.  hey, if it doesn’t have glitter, is it honestly worth having?  Come on…  I let that dry a little bit before spraying it with sealant.  Then I let that dry for a few hours.

Meanwhile, I cut all the goddess cardstock to the same size, as I hadn’t apparently paid attention or cared about every piece being the same size when they were originally created.

I created ten signatures of three pages each.

When the cover was dry, I cut that a bit larger than the pages themselves.

I added a piece of duck tape (patterned, yes) down the spine to reinforce it a bit.

Then I eyeballed the binding holes…and that is why they are so uneven–I thought I had everything right…but apparently, the guide I was using had slipped and I didn’t notice until after I had the holes in the cover…thirty holes in the cover–that wins, hands down.

So I punched the holes in all the signatures.

I bound the signatures in, using crochet thread.

Then, I added duck tape to the inside of the covers, along the outer edges, just to add some strength, and because the pages are a bit smaller than the covers and I didn’t want the unpainted underside of the cover showing after I glued down the first and last page…so — duck tape took care of that.

I am beginning to enjoy binding books with the tails on the inside of the signatures.

I am also contemplating making some books with hidden bindings.

So much going on lately…who knows what will come of things?

I’ll keep you updated as I find things out…and as I figure things out.


Finding Space In Paint

So, I know I started to talk a little bit about working in my silver leaf journal, using Brave Girls prompts recently…

I know I said I would talk more about what I did and why…and show the finished piece — once the scanner and I come to terms…or something to that effect…well, first of all, the scanner and I are still in negotiations…but I do have a camera…as soon as I get a card reader…(yeah, it’s lions…and tigers…and bears…oh my…here all the time…as in…if it ain’t one thing, it’s another…)

But…what I did one page one of that journal…isn’t the whole story…because the day after I finished that original spread…I needed to do something, anything…and so…I turned to the last page in the journal….and began to smear paint.

Now, the Brave Girls question prompts only go through about half the book…I needed to print out more and cut them out and glue them in…and I got sidetracked–as I do…I had figured there were enough glued in already to get me started and moving forward with them, so that by the time I hit the empty spaces I would be ready to print, cut and glue some more…

Nope.  That’s not what happened.

This is:


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And this:

WIP. .. art journal play

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Yes, each page is its own entity…these are not supposed to be double-paged spreads at all.

I have a good ten or so of these pages done already…

It feels good — I throw down some paint and smoosh it around–and then I top it off with glitter…and voila…

Do I have an idea of where these pages will go after this?


Not a clue.

What if nothing else happens to them?

Would that be a bad thing?

I don’t think it would be a bad thing at all.

I have an idea, despite the glittered texture of every page, that there will be words, perhaps poetry, put upon these pages…we’ll have to see.

When I figure it out, I’ll let you know.


Today, my family and I watched the eclipse together.

It was such an amazing experience.

Neither my husband nor I got very good pictures…but the experience was more than worth it.


I decided last night to take the opportunity of the New Moon (today) coupled with the eclipse….and I started to paint an actual painting in honor of this time.

Beginning of eclipse piece

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I may tell the tale of how she came to be…once she is completed.

I did not intend to have a face…it’s just what happened organically.

There is much much more to come with her…she is merely bare bones at the moment.

I’ll keep you updated.