Blogging A to Z Challenge Theme Reveal

A2Z-BADGE 2016-smaller_zpslstazvibSo, last year I did this A to Z challenge, even though I did not officially sign up to do it via the Blogging from A to Z Challenge blog.

Uhm, I would link to those posts, but those were on the old blog…and that blog is defunct due to technical issues…but … well, you’ll see what I did at some point.

You can check out my daughter’s A to Z posts on her blog from last year.  She worked in collaboration with my friend Tracy.  All posts of Evangeline’s are linked to Tracy’s, so you can check out both, if you like.

Today is the big grand theme reveal.

Yeah.  About that…

I am still working with two ideas…and at this point I think I might just stick with both ideas.

Last year, I did a goddess a day sketch.  I never finished those sketches.  I plan to finish those sketches…and what better time than now to complete them?  So, there’s one theme.

The other theme is making affirmation cards.  I was thinking a single word on an art card–but some cards may require…a bit more.

So, there’s the big reveal.

I hope you enjoy the coming month.