A Little Story For You…

So, I recently had surgery…and as part of my recovery plan, my darling husband and dedicated family are going out of their way to make sure I take some air and get some exercise, without pushing myself too hard … and this led us to take a walk in the local woods at a nearby conservation area.

This is what we saw there:


We walked by it and Evangeline said, something along the lines of, ‘ Oh, look, this is where wild underwear elastic grows.’

We chuckle a bit and wander on…until Duncan begins to have his say…which went something like this…’someone was walking along this path, just like us, and he died because a bear got him and ate him all up…and the bear threw his underwear elastic in the tree like that so it could be free and grow wild.’

At this point, I was choking so hard laughing that I nearly swallowed a bug and I had to go back and get a picture of said wild growing elastic.  It’s just plain old Hanes, by the way.  Nothing fancy.

And how do you think that underwear elastic got there?

Our Website Has Been Updated!

Ha! Ha!

I know–you’ve been waiting.

We’ve all been waiting.

The Beck Low Family website is up and running and ready to ship.  Or whatever else arises.

For the record, as of this moment, the only thing not ready to roll are my own email courses.  I am still in the process of converting the PDF format to email format…and that takes time…and I only just got all my weird flighty little ducks in a row about all the hows and the wheres and the other hows, and some more hows…so…they are coming.  Now that I have a handle on those little rascals, it should only take me a month or two to get all the courses converted and available.  As I finish one, it will be put up for sale–and I will provide notice.

So, at long last, you can buy my collaborations with my oldest son Nikolas here.  I do have a stack of backgrounds awaiting my attention…and very soon, I will move on to working on them.

Evangeline has her hand-made section, as well as her Tarot/Oracle card readings.  Please note, she does accept commission pieces  of her art.  Email her here to request a quote.

My mother, her jewelry is available.  I still need to redo the pictures, but that doesn’t take away from the power these pieces have.

There is even poetry to be had again on our site.

Duncan, our youngest, is still busy growing and learning and growing some more.  His work is still available…and we are hoping to have more of his work to show soon.  He tends to be more of a performance artist of late.

Come on by.  Look around.

And yes, I will be doing a separate post for my own offerings.  Right now, I want to make sure everyone else has all of their stuff ready to go and available for you.

Until next time…




One Mermaid Challenge Response…

In order to give you a little taste of what the Mermaid Challenge holds, I asked my daughter to create a piece of art based on a prompt that is similar to some of the prompts included in this course, but is not in this course…

So, here is a bonus prompt for you as well:

Create the love child of a mermaid and a kitsune.

Here is my daughter’s response to that prompt:

watermarked-ev kitsune mermaid


See more of Evangeline’s artwork and writing on her blog here.

If you are interested in learning more about the Mermaid Challenge, please click here.

The Spook-Fest Has Begun…

On October 1, Sisters In The Shadows opened its doors to our annual Halloween Scare-fest full of stories, poems, artwork and whatever else might shiver our timbers…all for free…just come over and visit.

Along those lines, my daughter, who is one of this year’s participants, asked me for ideas to come up with for the artwork she wants to share on Sisters.

Off the top of my head, I threw her out an idea: Spiders…

The spider piece she is working on is really great, but finishing can be an issue with her…and deadlines are her anathema, way worse than they are for me.

However, the next day, she asked for another prompt…so I gave it to her…Owl.

Every day since the first, I have given her a prompt to work with…and you can find these prompts every day on our facebook page here. 

I will post completed works — by Evangeline and by myself — as we complete them.  Do we finish one piece a day?  Uhm, not so far.

I will pull together a little something with all the prompts, just a list, for you to download.  This weekend was one of those whirlwind weekends where I never quite felt as if my feet were touching the ground we were moving so much and so fast.  Which means–I have a lot of catching up to do today.

I’ll get there–just hang on.  🙂


Here’s the pdf, if you are interested.

halloween prompts blc free 2015

Announcing … Announcements….

Well, it has certainly been a long stressful day here – for a variety of reasons.
My to do list is a very interesting list this month.
Working through Sheri Ponzi’s Trust the Magic course has already been opening up some amazing doors for me. Several expected things have come up…as well as some rather unexpected things.
And everything that is coming up is feeling GOOD to me, for me…and that means so much to me. I am learning, yet again, how to listen and trust my own Divine Inner Wisdom…even though sometimes that small still voice is a ravening maniac in her attempts to get me to hear and to understand…but, ya know, it happens…to me, more often than not most days—but that, thank goodness, is changing…
So—first on the list of announcements here—our family website is undergoing a(nother) massive overhaul to make it more…family compliant, shall we say? You’ll see what I mean when it is done.
Second announcement—a task set for me by My Dear Work (a la Sheri Ponzi’s incredible class, hello and thank you) – a new website just for me. (Details coming after Summer Solstice–my deadline to get this done and out to the public.)
This is something that my Mentors have been trying to get me to do for … nearly eighteen months now…and I have fallen to listening to good, well-intentioned and well-meaning advice, from myself and from friends…
They have been suggesting it so often, in fact, that when it came up again this time…all the old typical logical arguments came up…and it took me a few days to work through all the arguments…and the best thing was how everyone kept pointing out how many people who I personally follow have: done away with newsletters, taken breaks from posting, revamped and redesigned blogs and/or websites, done away with blogs and/or websites, started completely new and different blogs and websites…so, uhm, hmmm…I had to stop right then and there and start to listen…
Then – the next morning, I pulled out a Self-Care card from my Cheryl Richardson deck, as I am wont to do, because I desperately need that little reminding push to take care of myself…and what card came up for me? Independence: Decide for yourself **exercise your right to choose…so I decided that that was indeed the sign that I needed to kick my logic brain into remission, tell it go have a coke and a smile and shut the f**k up….and I began to set up a brand-new website just for me.
I keep thinking that Evangeline may want/need her own website at some point too—and there is part of me that is wanting to start setting her something up and let her detail it out…but she isn’t really at that level in anything at the moment. What we have on the family website is more than enough for her and for what she is doing at the moment. Any spill-over she has is well-handled by her own blog.
So many shifts are going on – on so many levels…I am truly truly excited to see what happens in the next twelve to eighteen months…it’s going to be incredible…