Knitting Update….


Love is knitting seed stitch….

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There are not a lot of pictures of what I am knitting at the moment.

Yes, I am still working on my original Grain.

I also have something else going on…I am knitting up a bunch of heart and valentine cloths for an upcoming wedding. I can’t so whose…I can’t give it away. I am also planning to work up a set of kris Knits Valentine’s Day Cloths and Wedding Cloths.

Now, all I did was basically go through my queue on ravelry…as I have a ton of dishcloth patterns saved and I love hearts so I found a good ten or so for free on ravelry. I didn’t realize until I started knitting them up…on my third cloth…there are a lot of people who use a lot of seed stitch. I am a thrower, not a picker. I knit English style, not continental. Seed stitch can be monotonous and time-consuming.

By the fourth cloth, seed stitch started to grow on me…to the point where I had some ideas for simple cloths, maybe with yarn doubled, on larger needles, creating some seed stitch washcloths for here at home. It’s going to be a while though. I can manage to knit maybe, maybe, one cloth a day. If I knit at night…if I am able…sometimes I have to be happy knitting a few rows a day and let it go…so whatever I get finished in time is what I will be gifting the happy couple.

So far, none of the cloths I have knit up are the exact same size. They aren’t supposed to be. The patterns are by different people, with different gauges. I am knitting everything using peaches and cream or sugar and cream yarn, depending on what I grab out of my stash.

One thing I have learned is that I actually prefer….peaches and cream. It has a better hand-feel for me.

I am using size 5 US needles, regardless of what the pattern calls for…so far, most of the patterns call for a size 7 US needle. I am currently using metal needles…and my finger tips are nearly done…they do not toughen up…they just get more sore until I put down the pointy pointy things and quit poking myself with them. I cannot find my finger tippers…I can’t remember what they are officially called—but they are basically rubber thimbles you put on two fingers—I found them in the sewing section once and had to try them…they work great for me in this situation.

I will be switching back to my wooden needles…I had planned to use my square needles for these…but my size 5 needle was busy elsewhere in some other project …and then it hit me, anyway, that I wanted to use the metal needles because the yarn slips off the needles so much more easily…and now that I have had my needle just drop out of my cloths five or six times—although thankfully they go right back in—the stitches barely move at all…thank goodness…but that if nothing else tells me that less slick needles are mandatory as I move forward.

I will post more pictures as I go along…


One Grain Down…



Hmm…it was rather difficult to get a decent picture of the actual shawl…

The pattern is a free one from Tin Can Knits (I LOVE them).

The pattern is called Grain.

Well…a bit more of the grain shawl

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I used the yarn I had been working my own Einstein Coat up with for so long…

How long ago did I start this shawl?  I’m not sure.  I only have a project listed in my ravelry profile for the first one I started, using thin fuzzy yarn.  This one I am still working on…I have a bit to go yet…but I like it.

This one here, the grey one, is done in bulky grey heathered wool, on, I think, size 13 US needles.

I think this will be the best pic of the shawl….sheesh

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Last night I decided to work on it.  I had used up nearly all the Einstein coat yarn…and I decided I was going to finish off that yarn and see how much was leftover.  The last three, maybe four rows were not in the original EC…and that works for me.  I do believe there is enough yarn left in this skein to work up a simple hat–before winter gets here.

I finished up knitting, cursed Netflix for making such engrossing shows available, especially when the boy fell asleep on the couch and I wasn’t moving until I finished my shawl.

I love how this turned out.  I love how the smaller one is turning out.  This pattern is so simple, yet so lovely when finished.

Having used bulky yarn to make this thing, it was interesting to work it up on a 60 inch cable and not have any room leftover…and then cast off and have this long string of cable just sitting there, looking so bereft.

And now…off to do more knitting…or maybe chase the young boy a bit and then fight the cats off to knit…


Free Knitting Patterns: Duncan’s Cloths


The Bernat Baby Blanket Wash Cloths, By Request


We have been “spring cleaning” here for a while…and there is still a ways to go…however, I cleaned out the toy boxes in the basement and my youngest saw some toys that I had knitted my oldest when she was more his age…and he fell in love with them…I am grateful to know that he really does love the things that I make…even if he doesn’t want me to make him things very often…which is sort of how these cloths came to be.


After getting a new to him mermaid softie and a jellyfish softie, and finding out they can go into the tub fine–hey, acrylic yarn…it washes…and noticing that there were some soft washcloths …as opposed to the other wash cloths he knows I have made (knitted) that have faces and designs on them…he really loves the soft ones…the soft cloths in question are the pipsqueak cloths that I made (knitted) while pregnant with the boy in question…you can find the free patterns for these cloths here…just scroll down…


He loves these cloths and was tickled to hear that I actually made them for him when he was in my tummy (that whole subject, him in my tummy, just fascinates him)–and he asked me to make more of these cloths.  Well, we went to the same store I normally buy the pipsqueak yarn, only to find that it wasn’t there.  There were other yarns, after the third store showed no pipsqueaks, at least not of the yarn sort…and the boy chose something he liked.  He went on and on, as we walked to the checkout, about how soft the yarn was, how he loves these colors especially–which is a surprise since his favorite colors are nowhere near these…but hey, he picked it out…he loves it…that’s what counts…he also asked that his washcloths be lots of different sizes.


And thus, the Bernat baby cloths free patterns were born.


Using Bernat baby Blanket yarn, shown here in “little lilac dove”, and using US size 13 needles for all three patterns.


Pattern 1: The Small One

approximately 4 – 3/4 inches by 5 – 2/3 inches


Cast on: 13 stitches


Knit every row for about 18 rows.


Bind off loosely.


Weave in ends.



Pattern 2: The Medium One


approximately 6 1/2 inches by 7 inches


Cast on:  15 stitches


Knit 3 rows.


Row 1: Knit 3, purl to last 3 stitches, knit 3


Row 2: Knit to end


Repeat rows 1 and 2 for about 20 rows


Knit 3 rows.


Bind off loosely.


Weave in ends.


Pattern 3: The Large One

approximately 8 inches by 10 inches


(If I had this one to do again, I would make it smaller, casting on 5 less stitches than the pattern calls for.)


Cast on: 21 stitches


Row 1: slip first stitch purlwise, *knit 2, purl 2, repeat from * across


Row 2:  slip first stitch purlwise, *purl 2, knit 2, repeat from * across


Repeat rows 1 and 2 about 14 times


Bind off loosely in pattern.








I’m Calling It


So, in yesterday’s video, I was talking about how I only had ten more cloths to knit before I reached my initial goal of thirty-one halloween knitted washcloths…

I did finish one more after that.  I also nearly finished a second one…I was about ten rows from finishing when I dropped a stitch–and that stitch unraveled about six rows down…and I frogged the entire cloth…

It was about ten thirty at night when I frogged out that ghostie cloth…and I had already started planning my next project…reviewing patterns and yarns in my head…

So when I frogged that ghost cloth, it hit me…I am feeling better and not so willing to be confined to just sitting on the couch knitting to keep myself occupied.  I am not knitting these as gifts.  I plan to buy more of Kris Knits patterns and make a lot of other cloths in the next few months.  I made enough so that each child gets seven cloths…and I have one extra for me…if that’s the way the kids want to divvy them up.

So–I am calling it.  I made twenty-two knitted wash cloths, using cotton yarn, on US size 5 needles…and for this year…that’s it.

22 completed knit Halloween wash cloths

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If you are looking for links to the patterns I used to make these cloths, click here and here.

Halloween Knitting Update


I bought Creepy Cloths and Creepy Cloths 2 by Kris Knits and I have been working my way through the patterns.

*I am not an affiliate–I just love these patterns.

These patterns are small, quick, well-written and just so darn cute.  You cannot beat the price either.

My goal has been to knit a cloth from one of these patterns every day this month.  I have even caught up with the days that I missed thus far, which has led me to think I might be able to pull off knitting thirty-one of these cloths, before the end of the month–and then try out some of the Halloween illusion dish cloths that I found for free on ravelry. (You’ll have to scroll a bit to find them with the above link, but they are there…)

I have only done one illusion project that i remember, back when I first starting knitting — wow — nearly ten years ago now…I used to knit a lot of small projects, sometimes not much more than swatches, just to see if I could do something, a technique, a style, test out a yarn.  I still have my first cable swatch…all sorts of things.

Here is the latest set of cloths that I have done:

Yesterday's cloths

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I have been trying to knit at least two cloths per day…but sometimes I make it to three.

Sometimes I have to tink back a row or two–and sometimes the idea of tinking makes my head hurt, so I end up frogging an entire cloth.  I was halfway done with a cloth yesterday and I frogged it because I got my rows confused and it was easier for me then to rip it all out than to try to tink back 2-3 rows.

Sometimes I mess things up a bit and just let it go–because I usually knit late at knit when I am tired and sometimes it’s just not enough for me to fight about…like here…the tree’s circle was cut off at the top because…I guess I missed a row or something and didn’t notice until I was working the border…so I left it…

Yesterday's cloths

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When I mess a cloth up like this though, I always make another one of the same pattern later to compensate.

Now, once I make one of all the patterns, I will be going back and making the ones we like best.  Duncan wants jack-o-lanterns and spiders and pumpkins.  I like the tree and the black cat.  We’ll see what happens once I reach that point.

As of this moment, I have seventeen cloths done…and counting…

This is actually great fun, although after this I will need a break from cotton yarn.  I hope that once I make my way through these patterns, I will be able to work on hats again…or maybe a cowl…because I would dearly like to work with something smooth and gentle to the touch, like wool…I have some cashmere yarn in my stash.  I might have to go find it.

The worst thing about this project is trying to keep my toddler from swiping all my cloths as I make them…I’d lose count if I just handed them over to him…not to mention, they’d be all over the house.  So I do my best to keep them in the stack away from him–which involves many conversations throughout the day…

Please note: I post pictures of the finished cloths for that day every day on instagram…or sometimes from the day before if I finished them late, but I do post pictures every day.  Most of the time, I haven’t even woven in ends yet or anything.  None of the cloths have yet been washed or anything.




The First Step


Well, actually, this is the second cloth…we can’t actually figure out where Duncan stashed the very first cloth I made, his jack-o-lantern cloth…so this cat will be the first one I do.

Here is what I am talking about:

1 knit kitty cloth from pattern : creepy cloths 2 by Kristen Patay

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Hopefully, the pattern shows up well.  The color of the yarn makes it difficult.  I still have ends to weave in here…

I used navy sugar and cream to make this cloth, with US size 5 needles.  The actual pattern recommends US size 3 needles to really make the pattern ‘pop’, but I like the cloths to be a little bit bigger.  My first attempt (Duncan’s jack-o-lantern) was done on US 4 needles…and it was a bit small for me, even though he loved it.

My plans for October have been pretty much side-lined.  I had planned writing, knitting, crafting, cooking, baking…and … blah…we’re all sick…and then we got new kitties…and that is a transition to get everyone ok with everyone else–at least that is going along nicely.

It’s the sick part that keeps hitting me.  But again, I’m getting there.

I have missed my knitting.  My toddler is not exactly helpful in this arena. I have mis-knit three hats this month–one of which the yarn refused to be frogged and I had to throw it away–which nearly killed me because I loved that yarn and it’s of course discontinued…but so it goes… I want to give knitting hats a rest for awhile…and I am yet in the middle of one my daughter is pining away for… I just can’t bring myself to continue because I am so afraid I am going to screw it up too…

I decided to knit, knock on wood, one of these Halloween cloths every day this month.  They really knit up quickly (I’ll give more information on patterns in just a minute)…and they are so cute.

I am actually having issues finding cotton yarn (sugar and cream or peaches and creme) in the colors I want–and none of the local stores I go to here carry lion brand kitchen cotton (I’m not talking yarn stores…just craft stores).  I am looking for deep maroon, an autumny orange (not a pumpkin orange–I have plenty of that), a golden yellow…fall leaves colors…I want to shop locally–but am just not being given the opportunity to do so (lack of selection).  I have plenty of grey and black and brown cotton yarn for now, so that is what I am going to work with to make these cloths.  Not to mention, I always have plenty of orange and yellow cotton yarn on hand, due to my toddler’s love of those colors.

I am not really stressing over the inability to find those desired colors; I have plenty to work with right now.  I had simply wanted to have them because I also mean to knit up leaf cloths as well.  Autumn is my time of year.


The plan is to knit one cloth per day this month…and I do intend to catch up with the eight missed days, hopefully … I am not counting the very first, now missing jack-o-lantern cloth…

You can find the patterns I am using here and here.

Creepy Cloths and Creepy Cloths 2,  both designed by Kris Knits.

These patterns are for sale, but the prices, for the amount of patterns you get in each pack, it’s a steal.

The patterns are well-written and easy to follow.  These cloths knit up super quick.

The navy cat I knit up last night is roughly 6 1/2 by 7 inches…and that on US 5 needles.  It didn’t take all that long to work up (not even two whole episodes of Bones)–and I knit slowly right now, because I have lost the ability to  simply knit and follow a pattern without great deal of back-tracking and interference.