My Completed Full Moon Piece

I haven't been painting or sketching or doing much of anything due to illness lately...I mean, weeks of nothing...heck, I was having issues this past week even locating where my working art journal had been stashed, because I had put them away when we got the cats to keep them out of the way and … Continue reading My Completed Full Moon Piece


Full Moon Spread

The Full Moon was this past Friday...and Fridays are always a madhouse around here, what with the fetching and the carrying that has to go on... I did start my art journal spread on seen here:   Alas, I have not yet made the time to finish it ... Instead, I grabbed a … Continue reading Full Moon Spread

Litha, Summer Solstice, And The Full Moon

Yesterday was a big day for me. I painted. I haven't really been painting all that much lately. I have been doing the 2 minute self-portraits, with and without the kids.  I have a ton of backgrounds prepped and ready to go from 2 weeks ago...and then...nothing...just sort of empty space. Sometimes when nothing is … Continue reading Litha, Summer Solstice, And The Full Moon

Birthing The Light

Inspired by a subject line of an email I received this past month... It began life as this: Well, ok, fine, truthfully this is a reclaimed canvas...but for this incarnation...this is where it began... Then...after beginning as a largely abstracted went here:   And here is the finished product... I didn't realize when … Continue reading Birthing The Light