Another Week Of #100FunFabFaces

The journal I am using--isn't really meant to be an art journal.  It's a simple 8 inches by 6 inches book, filled with thin brown-toned kraft paper.  The pages are thin--and they do not seem very thrilled with wet media...They are going to have to suck it up anyway because that's what I fancy working … Continue reading Another Week Of #100FunFabFaces


Karen Campbell’s #100FunFabFaces Challenge

#1--I am wicked behind on this challenge.  I started it with everyone on time--then my husband went out of the country on a business trip...and then the December holidays hit...along with my being sick, then the small boy being sick, then my husband's annual ski trip--and he brought back some horrible germs from that trip--although … Continue reading Karen Campbell’s #100FunFabFaces Challenge

Another One Book July 2018 Post

So, Sunday...was, for no real reason, my day to make journal covers. I made a grey suede one: and a black one: Now--originally, these two pieces of suede were supposed to be the same journal...I drove myself nuts cutting the piece just a little bigger than the other so that when it … Continue reading Another One Book July 2018 Post