The Knitted Rugs

Did you see this picture? I posted this on my Instagram feed a while back... The purple lighting is from plant grow bulbs--for some reason, they put out purple light--and I am so used to it now I don't actually notice it that much anymore. Now, what appears in the picture is just--awesome-sauce. A … Continue reading The Knitted Rugs


Duncan’s First Adult Baby Surprise Jacket My darling boy wants me to knit him…sweaters, pants, hats, blankets, jackets, toys, houses, rockets, cars…as in full-sized cars, rockets, houses…if I could knit everything he wanted me to as fast as he thinks I could knit, I would be AMAZING…but I am not fast…and I am frequently distracted…although I keep working. So, the … Continue reading Duncan’s First Adult Baby Surprise Jacket