One Mermaid Challenge Response…

In order to give you a little taste of what the Mermaid Challenge holds, I asked my daughter to create a piece of art based on a prompt that is similar to some of the prompts included in this course, but is not in this course…

So, here is a bonus prompt for you as well:

Create the love child of a mermaid and a kitsune.

Here is my daughter’s response to that prompt:

watermarked-ev kitsune mermaid


See more of Evangeline’s artwork and writing on her blog here.

If you are interested in learning more about the Mermaid Challenge, please click here.

New Release: The Mermaid Challenge Has Arrived

The Mermaid Challenge
A Mixed Media and Journaling Program

What began as an idea for a thirty-day free mixed media challenge took on a life of its own and became…something much bigger, something much deeper.
The Mermaid Challenge grew from a thirty to a thirty-one to a forty-five prompt challenge—but it doesn’t stop there. This is a deep rich probing program that offers so much more than just fifty let’s draw a pretty mermaid picture prompts.
Along with the general here’s how to play along section, there are three main sections.
The first section is about the mermaid mythos. There are plenty of inquiries added along with the information in order to help you dig further into the whole concept of mermaids and other such creatures.
The second section holds the fifty prompts about drawing mermaids.
The third section holds forty-five prompts about using different substrates and media to create your pieces.
This is a self-paced program. The PDF is forty-seven pages long, complete with mermaid art and information. You can reach me any time via email if you need help, if you have questions or if you have comments.
The cost for this program is $25 US. Please click here to order this program.

watermarked-first mermaid of the year
















The First Mermaid Of The Year

watermarked-first mermaid of the year


This is my first completed mermaid for the year.

She is 11 inches x 14 inches.  Collage, gel medium, gesso, acrylic paints, water color paints, graphite pencil, charcoal pencil and colored pencil.

And yes–her arms are meant to be lost in all that hair…because honestly I was not in the mood to deal with elbows and hands…so … hair…

It is true; the sketching was done last year.  Even most of the background was done last year.  But…she is the first one finished this year…I almost put some words on her before sealing her…but all I kept hearing was Duran’ Duran’s track, Sing Blue Silver, in my head every time I tried to find something proper to stamp on there…and although I love that band and that song, that was not the fitting sentiment for this piece…so I let it go.

So–last year, I was very excited to talk about my 30 or 31 day mermaid challenge…well, that has shifted, that project.  A lot.

For one, it is no longer a free challenge.  It is no longer 30/31 days.  It is not longer all about the happy fru-fru tropical mermaids that tend to crop up.

Between a conversation with a friend of mine and getting hit with a lot of sirens in my dreams for several weeks, the challenge has shifted.

There will be a minimum of forty-five prompts, along the lines of create x type of mermaid.  I will also include forty-five creative challenges, along the lines of use a wax crayon to create a resist in your piece.  There will also be journalling prompts, as well as some information on some of the autre style mermaids that come up from the depths in the dark of the soul, periodically.

Don’t worry–neither they nor I wish to scare you away, but for some of us, being trapped in the happy happy joy joy space all the time…well, it makes us nauseous.

I am editing out the draft as we speak and hope to have this ready for sale in the next few days.  Please stay tuned.  I am pretty proud of this one.