So, I was all set to do NaNoWriMo this year…I have three outlines sketchily scribbled out…but then, I saw this.

I had never heard of NaKniSweMo before…however, I had just recently purchased Heart On My Sleeve…and even more recently Strange Brew...I had even begun playing around with patterns by knitting a Clayoquot Toque type hat–although the first one I made I used yarn actually called ‘fair isle‘ so I didn’t have to do any colorwork–the yarn did everything…but it isn’t the only hat I made or have to make…

Since I purchased Heart On My sleeve, I have been slowly gathering some yarn…I started my project, because I am indeed doing the NaKniSweMo challenge, using the Strange Brew pattern as my base, using Mandala yarn in the colorway Sphinx.  I am not doing any colorwork this time around because (1) the yarn changes colors on its own and (2) I just want to make a sweater to be sure I can do it all right before I stress myself out doing a colorworked yoke.

So–Strange Brew starts out by casting on sleeve stitches…using DPNs, because my 16-inch circular needles started out WAY too small to work a sleeve on…I eventually moved onto the circulars, after a fair few inches and several increases…but before that…it was all on DPNs…and I must say, I am rather proud of myself for accomplishing that task.

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About 8 inches done on first sleeve #nakniswemo

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As of this morning, I have that one single sleeve complete.

I decided to take the weekend off because –weekends are stressful and we had a lot of plans for this weekend…so I worked on something much more simple…and although I meant to cast on the second sleeve last night, I was so tired by the time we got home and settled yesterday that I was afraid to cast on and screw things up…I mean, I was TIRED…

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First sleeve complete #nakniswemo

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Today, in just a little bit, I will be casting on that second sleeve…after some strong coffee enters my system, hopefully…

I am enjoying this process so much more than I thought.  I wonder why I have allowed myself to be afraid of it for so long.

However, next time, different yarn.  Mandala is gorgeous…I currently own three different colorways…but I am not sure I like how the yarn is holding up already…it’s not all pilly or anything, but when I look at the sleeve I knit up I sort of feel that it looks…as if it’s been a sweater for a long time and in heavy wear rotation…even though it hasn’t…and I have been taking amazingly careful care of it since I began working it…even the shawl that I am knitting up using this yarn, in a different colorway, all in garter stitch, seems to have a similar problem…so, this is my test knit sweater…and next time…I will find a better (read that as something with wool, or something along those lines) yarn with which to work.  I know from other projects I much prefer working with woolier bits anyway.