Today, my family and I watched the eclipse together.

It was such an amazing experience.

Neither my husband nor I got very good pictures…but the experience was more than worth it.


I decided last night to take the opportunity of the New Moon (today) coupled with the eclipse….and I started to paint an actual painting in honor of this time.

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Beginning of eclipse piece

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I may tell the tale of how she came to be…once she is completed.

I did not intend to have a face…it’s just what happened organically.

There is much much more to come with her…she is merely bare bones at the moment.

I’ll keep you updated.


New Moon Journal Spread

I am participating in Cat Caracelo’s free challenge: Archetypes Of The Creative.   You can click the link for more information and to join.

For this spread, I pulled out an old journal, a cosmic smashbook made from Cat Geller‘s LifeBook lesson, either in 2014 or 2015.

This journal is made, using Cat’s techniques, from an old composition notebook.  And mine originally was an old and falling apart comp notebook, one i had used left-over Easter egg dye to color pages at random.  The book block had come out of the covers.  Everything.  But now, it’s a lovely textured little book and it grows on me every time I look at it.  When I used it last night, it was like Magic.  It was spectacular.

I only have about six spreads ‘completed’ in this journal…and then I had about five spreads where I had just smooshed color left over from other projects.  I took one of those smooshed backgrounds and used that for my work yesterday.

I started with craft paint.  Worked with water soluble graphite.  Added oil pastels.  Added more craft paint.

I found out, in this journal, using the oil pastels I have, if I hit the thing with the heat tool to dry everything–the oil pastels waxes over and is sealed, for lack of a better term.  No smearing, moving or anything else.  Which I thought was pretty cool.  I want to try that on other substrates to see if/how it works elsewhere.



New Moon Spread

watermarked-Scan_20160804 (2)

Can you read the small print?

As I was creating this piece and dialoguing with it…one sentiment kept popping up:

sic gorgiamus allos subjectatos nunc…

which we all know is not properly spoken Latin…

so, yes, I seriously spent time online seeking out a good, solid translation of this family credo…

eis libenter epulamur qui nos domare velint…

I wish I had bookmarked the site so I could give proper credit–but I was seriously online, working from link to link to link, trying to get to the truth of things…and after over an hour of looking that last time, because I would look as long as I could stand it, walk away, ponder using the incorrect phrase anyway, and once settled more, go right back to it…but, alas, I kept no track of anything…and yes, I clear my internet history constantly.

What are the other words?

I did keep on quote from the movie (Addams Family, in case you are wondering)…

Not just pretty words.


New Moon Art Journal Spread, Number 2

As promised:


This was a fun spread to do…and one that I think is much more lovely in person…

You can see her origins here…a little bit any way.

She started out as a place to smear excess paint from other work.

Then I found a cheap charcoal pencil that I hadn’t remembered I had and didn’t know if I liked the way it worked or not (not really…but it’s better than nothing)…so I scribbled out a quick face…and over a few days I added heart ‘balloons’ on strings all around the face.

I was never sure she would encompass a two-page spread until the day I actually sat down and began to work on her in earnest.

That day, when I did decide to work on her, the first thing that I did was add two different pinks, a red and a brown to the second page, smear them all together…including painting the space around the face and even over the hearts.  The hearts still showed through, so they were not lost.

Then I pressed the two pages together and smushed them, moving the still wet paint all over the place.  When I opened the spread up after that, I loved what was on the page.

I let that all dry thoroughly as there was a lot of paint there from the different colors and shades.

When I came back the next day…I loved how the face looked and I didn’t want to do too much to it.  I didn’t want to bring in any paints that might cover up the bits I loved so much.  I ended up using soft pastels…

This doesn’t really show you how beautiful she is, but I took this before I sprayed the page with varnish.  Once the varnish hits it, the soft pastels dissolves–to varying degrees…


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I love the words that came up for this…once upon a time…

That means it’s time for me to start writing my own story…which is indeed what I have been working on for quite a while now…

What’s your story?


New Moon Art Journal Spread #1

I have had one art journal open, literally for weeks now, with a partially completed spread…some charcoal scribbles of a face and some hearts on strings…and one full page of the two-page spread completely blank.  I used the original blank page to smear paint from other projects on…and even after sketching in the face and hearts, I still tended to add whatever I might have on hand, just because the book was open and the piece unfinished.


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WIP quick sketch in my art journal

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I had intended to finish this spread for the New Moon this month.  That was my goal…at this moment, the piece is in a very different place, but not quite complete…she will be finished before this night is through…

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WIPS. ..playing

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But–as I sat at my desk yesterday afternoon/evening, the first time I have really been at my computer in about four days…I pulled out my very first coptic bound journal (the one I have been grousing about for a while now)–and — I pulled out a charcoal pencil and sketched some things out, over the washi tape and everything.  Then, I had a toddler who was not feeling all that well (and who, frankly, still isn’t) call me away …

This morning, when said toddler was feeling a bit better for a moment, I grabbed paints and brushes and stopped thinking…

I decided last night to ignore the washi tape.  I know that the tape won’t take paints well–and I am not all that worried about it.  It’s my art journal–not meant for showing in the Louvre or anything.

watermarked-Scan_20160705 (2)

The first thing I did was go in with an off-white paint and basically obliterate most of the sketch that I had done.  Yes, the original intention may have been to blend the charcoal in with the paint to start adding values…but it also became something else…I don’t always like the faces that I make to be clear, well-outlined, well-drawn, perfect perfect little things.  I have begun to enjoy allowing the process to have a say in things.  So if this paints blurs and blends here in unexpected ways, good.  If the brush was a bit large to do the mouth perfect justice, good.  If I paint over all the eye detail and it’s gone, good.  It gives me more room to play and I have found out that I love the way these imperfect faces come out in ways that I don’t much care about the perfectly drawn faces I used to do…

I let the paint dry, the layers and layers of paint.  I sat the book down, open, in front of a fan, and walked away–which is really the hardest part for me.  When no one is calling and needing me…I want to keep going…which may be why I sometimes work on more than one project at a time…but…both journal spreads had reached that point of…now it has to have time to dry and dry thoroughly…and I had to walk away.

I did paint–I painted my fingernails…what can I say?

watermarked-Scan_20160705 (3)

Then, once everything was bone dry, three hours later, when my toddler settled down into reading his books (he has to do it himself right now–he doesn’t want you to read to him, well, not me, nor his sister today…), I pulled out my colored pencils and I finished her out.

The message here is Speak.

You can’t really tell because of the watermarks, but speak is written so that the p is sort of stacked on top of the e…because when I started to sit down and write about this piece in my written journal…it struck me that there are two messages to this piece.  The first is Speak…which I won’t get into–but I well understand…

The other message is Seek…I won’t explain what that means here…but this message and what came up in the second half of the process (writing it out) was…satisfying, shall we say?

The second New Moon spread should be posted in the next couple of days.  I won’t work on it again until late tonight (more than likely) and that means it will be wet when I go to bed/will dry overnight…and I will scan it tomorrow.  There is already enough happening on the blog on Wednesdays, so I may post the completed spread Thursday or Friday…sometime before next week…


New Moon : New Love

watermarked-Scan_20160527 (2)

The picture really does not do this piece justice.

I talked about this piece in a recent video during one of my weekly check-ins.

This is a reclaimed canvas.  The original piece was done in response to Melody Ross’s free ecourse on Brave Girls Club called: The Thing About Love.

Now, I do love the original piece–I loved the class, deeply.  I have had this piece on my wall since February 2015 and I have looked at it every day–and every time I looked at it–I remembered–I love my family and I want to work from a place of love in all things.

Except that the point of this piece is to have the negatives on one side of the canvas, leading into the heart in the center, which leads to the other side where the negatives have been transmuted into positives.

Basically, it reached the point where every time I looked at this canvas, the negatives started to weigh on me…and I wanted to turn this into a completely positive piece, not just taking the negative from one side and changing it into the positive on the other.

So–I used black paint and painted over everything except that heart in the center–because 1 I thought it was just cool and 2 I love what it represents–

Then I began to layer paints over things until I was happy.

Added a gloss varnish coat and voila–finished…the re-finished piece is now hanging exactly where it has always hung–but now all I get when I see it is lots of happy positive thoughts and some wicked good vibrations…and I still remember: I choose love…in all things…