April Newsletter…Postponed and Finally Cancelled


I said, several times, last month that the March newsletter was the one I am most proud of…so, how did I get from so proud to realizing that the best thing for me is to cancel doing the newsletter entirely?

My beloved thinkpad is still broken screened and silently waiting in the corner, well, with many other electronic devices in this house–between toddler and teen and those of us in between…the March newsletter was 99% hand-written…I did type up every link–that I had already hand-written out–to make sure readers could just click and go, rather than typing every link out by hand…

I felt really good about all that work that I did.  It felt good to release it out into the world…even though there were technical issues with the release…’because, hey, I am blonde…even if I no longer look it as clearly…

But, as the month moved forward, the idea of the April newsletter kept coming up–for March, I had had an outline and very clear ideas about what I wanted to write about … I thought doing the same thing for April would be a good idea…but the last week of March flew into being and I was…still dragging my feet.  It is April 4th and I still haven’t committed to a new journal for the month yet…I have an old book pulled and sitting on my table, waiting, but I haven’t started the process of altering and binding, yet.  I am not quite sure I will.

Since I had ensured I had less than a week to pull together the newsletter, I decided to sit down and figure out what to put into the newsletter.  I started to just randomly write, scribble and doodle to get my ideas out.  What came up was — I have trouble keeping things private and strictly for the newsletter…which spins into much of what I put in the newsletter I would like to put on the blog, but can’t because I have to honor the space that I have created for my newsletter readers, which makes me feel as if my regular blog readers are missing out and are being sort of pushed aside and/or forgotten/left for last…which does not in any way make me feel good.

So, I investigated what I would 1 like to have in the newsletter and 2 what I would like to put out on the blog…and it is a lot of the same thing…but if I put it in one, I can’t put it in the other…which means I am limiting myself…and I don’t like that.

And this is the process I used to get around to the fact that…instead of postponing this month’s newsletter until I pulled it together–I needed to let go of the newsletter entirely and focus on putting all that content out on the blog…which feels genuine to me and it feels GOOD to me…so…newsletter…bye-bye…thank you all who followed along with me and this experiment.

Now–the reason the newsletter was originally resurrected at the beginning of the year was because I was planning to create an altered book journal specific to each and every month…I am not giving up on those journals.

However, I look around and I have stacks of hand-made journals sitting here.  None of these journals are set up for 30/31 day projects.  Most of them have many many more pages –and if I could go through one of these things in a month, then I wouldn’t be as … anxious?  upset? about the thought of trying as I am…

So…I am thinking that perhaps I will create a journal … and maybe it will house more than a single month…especially since I have struggling to do anything that feels … worthy of posting online … in these journals.  Even though what I am doing feels good to me when I am doing it…it doesn’t always feel as if it would be valuable to anyone else…and even as I write that I have this voice in my head saying…if it is valuable to you, then there is someone out there that will come across this post and will feel relieved and happy to know that doing anything, no matter how small, can make a huge difference…because it does.

My March journal — which I will talk about in another post — is nearly entirely me splashing water color paint onto the pages first thing in the morning and then walking away for the rest of the day.  I had my little small stone space created in the corners where I would write later, sometimes days later, and that was enough for me.  The whole process was enough for me, even though I kept telling myself I wanted to have more, a longer time to work, uninterrupted time, actual space to work…all those things I yearn for…but…what I did was I sploshed paint for a bit and let it run over the page and dry there…and that was it and it made my heart happy–happier than I would have thought…so there you go…

All that to say…sorry, the newsletter is cancelled.  To say…hey, expect more content here on the blog…and to say, hey, every little bit counts…every day…



A March Newsletter Happy Dance

My beloved think pad took a header last month and fubarred the screen…so for my monthly newsletter I have returned (yeah, so I’ve been doing this for three months…and I have “returned”, ok?) to creating content by hand.

Guess what?  This month’s newsletter has been my favorite thus far.  I had a lot more freedom to work.  I had more content.  I was less censored.  I allowed myself to be me.  And I liked it.

This is the first newsletter of which I have been very proud.

It is not entirely hand-written.  I made sure there was a page of nothing but the clickable links, so no one would have to type in a whole bunch of stuff if they wanted to check anything out…because me writing it down that one time was bad enough for me.  I didn’t want anyone feeling that bad having to type that into a search bar or anything…

And just so you understand: I do not include affiliate links at all.  I did include a lot of links to the family website…but that’s all my stuff.  I do not shill for other people.  I link to people and things that I love because I love them, never because I am paid to do so.  Just to be clear here.

This month’s newsletter–even though it went out late–not because I was late getting it together–but because I hit a technical snafu where apparently I am in one time zone and my carrier thinks I am in another…and I didn’t realize what was going on (I thought the email to me got lost in the ether of internet crazy-dom, as emails sometimes do…) and it took me a bit to realize, nope, it’s just a technology versus me issue–and I corrected it…and the newsletter went out on the 10th, instead of the 6th, as I had meant it to.

This month’s newsletter (ahem) is chock full of…personal stories (how many people have missed those?  I have…and that’s the important thing.) — actual writing exercises — prompts — artwork –knitting — a couple tutorials — and gosh, I actually forget what all went into this month’s issue.  I had an outline I was writing from and I just kept writing until I had nearly everything crossed off my list…then I went in and added links and photographs and who knows what all…and I ended up with a lovely 61 page PDF of free yummy goodness and my own brand of sappy weirdness.

And that was just for March…who knows what will happen for April?

Don’t be shy.  You can sign up anytime, right here.


A Little Something New


Coming in 2017, I am planning to re-open the monthly newsletter.  (Sign up here if you are interested.)

It is not going to be anything like it was last time I ran a newsletter.

This year, I want to try working on something new.

I plan on creating something like a bit of an e-zine for you.

I took a class from Brave Girls University, called “Christmas Stories” Heirloom Altered Book, taught by Lorraine Bell–whom I adore.

Well, I started thinking–I could make myself a book like this, one for every month of the year.  Not a planner or anything, but an art journal.  Something to keep bits and bobs and tidbits in.  Something I prepare ahead of time and then fill at my leisure throughout the month.

Would that not be cool?

Twelve little hand-made altered book journals, full of nothing but me…my stuff, my thoughts, my words, my art…and all sorts of other whatever I throw in to create the journal in the first place…

The whole idea really took off in my head.  So much so that I started writing, outlining, taking notes, making sketches–and then one trip to the thrift store where books are 15 cents per inch.  I didn’t get all the books I plan to use throughout this year, because I also intend to make some of these books up as gifts.  I did get enough to keep myself busy for a while though–and  that counts.

Now, in these monthly installments, I won’t be trying to sell you anything.  I won’t be trying to teach you anything.  I technically won’t be doing anything at all except for sharing what comes up for me, and what I create.

I plan on having a theme for each month.  I will include a word that I want to work with–and each word will work with my word of the year (reclaim).  The monthly word is more of an expansion of the word of the year, a deeper delving.  There will be Oracle cards draw.  The Oracle decks I mean to work with will include an herbology deck, an animal deck, a Mother deck and a self-care deck–details about all decks will be included in each newsletter.  There may be poetry, meditations, affirmations, quotes, artwork, stories.  Who knows?  But every month, I want to show up and do a little something different than I have been doing.  I want to put myself out there just a bit more than I have been doing.

This is how I plan to go about it.

Sign up if you’re interested.