A Little Something New


Coming in 2017, I am planning to re-open the monthly newsletter.  (Sign up here if you are interested.)

It is not going to be anything like it was last time I ran a newsletter.

This year, I want to try working on something new.

I plan on creating something like a bit of an e-zine for you.

I took a class from Brave Girls University, called “Christmas Stories” Heirloom Altered Book, taught by Lorraine Bell–whom I adore.

Well, I started thinking–I could make myself a book like this, one for every month of the year.  Not a planner or anything, but an art journal.  Something to keep bits and bobs and tidbits in.  Something I prepare ahead of time and then fill at my leisure throughout the month.

Would that not be cool?

Twelve little hand-made altered book journals, full of nothing but me…my stuff, my thoughts, my words, my art…and all sorts of other whatever I throw in to create the journal in the first place…

The whole idea really took off in my head.  So much so that I started writing, outlining, taking notes, making sketches–and then one trip to the thrift store where books are 15 cents per inch.  I didn’t get all the books I plan to use throughout this year, because I also intend to make some of these books up as gifts.  I did get enough to keep myself busy for a while though–and  that counts.

Now, in these monthly installments, I won’t be trying to sell you anything.  I won’t be trying to teach you anything.  I technically won’t be doing anything at all except for sharing what comes up for me, and what I create.

I plan on having a theme for each month.  I will include a word that I want to work with–and each word will work with my word of the year (reclaim).  The monthly word is more of an expansion of the word of the year, a deeper delving.  There will be Oracle cards draw.  The Oracle decks I mean to work with will include an herbology deck, an animal deck, a Mother deck and a self-care deck–details about all decks will be included in each newsletter.  There may be poetry, meditations, affirmations, quotes, artwork, stories.  Who knows?  But every month, I want to show up and do a little something different than I have been doing.  I want to put myself out there just a bit more than I have been doing.

This is how I plan to go about it.

Sign up if you’re interested.


Here It Is: Monster Prompt Collection

Here it is, fresh off the presses…erm…off my computer keyboard…

This quick little PDF includes all thirty-one original prompts that appeared here on this blog, as well as thirteen new bonus prompts that were not given to the public.


We hope you enjoy them.

Make sure you come on back for next year, when we do it all again, with a new theme and new prompts.

In the mean time, feel free to stick around.  You never know what I’ll get up to on my own around here.

Click the link below to download directly to your computer or device.

Monster Prompt Collection

New Course For Sale: The Tarot and Oracle Card Exploration Course

watermarked-Scan_20160318 (3)

Tarot and Oracle Card Exploration

A Mixed Media Adventure


Combining questions I have had, as a life-long Tarot and Oracle Card user, with the questions of my teen-age daughter as she begins her journey learning to work with and use her own Tarot and Oracle Cards, I created this course.

This is not a typical Tarot course.

We do not delve into the Traditional meanings.

I am not teaching new lay-outs or anything like that.

What I am offering here is a series of exercises where you work with each card in your deck, regardless of what sort of deck you have.  The purpose of this course is to help you dig in, go beneath the surface, explore more, learn more.  This course helps you connect on various and different levels using writing and art.

You do not need to be an artist to take this course.

This course is self-paced.

To learn more and to order now, please click here.

You will also find a supplies list for this class on this page.  It is available as an instant download.


You Are …

This is one of the most spontaneous art journal spreads I have done.  I didn’t set out to create this spread–I did not even set out to create a spread–I actually intended to clean off the table where I was working…and before I knew what happened I was happily stamping and stenciling away…and by the end of the evening…I had her:


I honestly had no idea where she was going, until I wrote the sentiment out…

You are who you are.

It made me laugh.  Not two hours before, I started working on my own program, 30 Days: One Question. (scroll down)

My question has to do with who I am.  I spent twenty minutes today writing out my response to my question — and then I set the journal aside.  It never occurred to me that my art journal would be a supporting component in my journey to answer this question–and yet–it has…and it has given me a very compelling focus and point–one I shall be exploring more over the next twenty-nine days as I work through this session of this course.


New Release: Thirty Days: One Question, The Workshop


Are you looking for answers, but are tired of looking outside of yourself?  Are the answers that you are gleaning from others not working for you, not applicable to you?  Are you frustrated of the search?  Tired of advice that doesn’t work?  Seeking … something intangible that you know is right there, but you aren’t quite sure how to reach it?

Thirty Days: One Question is a self-paced course that helps you set up a habit of journalling every day for thirty days.  I provide information that will help you get started on your journey.  There are exercises to help you along if you get stuck.  There is a list of sample questions if you need help getting started.  I also provide information on how to take a question and break it down into many, more specific questions to help you really get to the heart of your issue.

Included in this course is a heavily discounted consultation offer for those who seriously cannot find that one question that they want to worth with for an entire month.

This course lays the groundwork for continuing the work you start here, either with the same question, or with different questions.

The cost of this course is $25US.
This course comes to you as a downloadable PDF.

Please click here to order this course. (please scroll down)