Let’s Get Messy

So, I recently discovered the Get Messy art journal community.

Don’t ask me how I came upon it…it’s one of those fortuitous things that just showed up at the very right time.

I signed up for a season pass…you can learn all about that on the website.

The first prompt was to find a journal.

Originally, I was going to use the old automotive ledger I had found at a local thrift store…

If you follow me on Instagram, you’ll have seen this journal quite a bit lately.

Which is one reason I decided not to use this journal for the Season of Seasons.

I’ll have to talk more about this particular journal in another post.

For the Get Messy Season Of Seasons…I decided to use this journal for my artwork:

I made this journal on a whim.  I was sorting through the classwork for LifeBook 2018 that I had started and hadn’t finished…and at that point had no intention of finishing…and decided I didn’t want to throw these out…and thought making them into a journal would be a good thing.

Now, please don’t get me wrong.  There is nothing wrong with LifeBook.  Most of these pieces are from the same class, where I did many many different backgrounds and prints to play with things…and then…I chose the one I liked the best and finished that one…and these are the ones I decided to just let go of because, after the first one, I wasn’t feeling it anymore.

The paper is mostly cardstock.  The cover is a piece of scrapbooking paper that I had used to mop up paint…I cut it down to fit the journal.  It’s a single signature, bound with a simple pamphlet stitch using red thread.  I glued the cover down to the inside front and back pages for added strength.  I also used a wide washi tape to seal the inner edges and to reinforce the cover there.

Not all the pages have color on them.  Less than half do.  Not all pages are cardstock, but the majority of them are.  Not all the pages are the same size.  I threw in some random smaller pages just to keep me on my toes and to push me outside of my usual comfort zone.

I have learned lately that making the art is not in itself enough for me–I need to make the art and then write about it, journal about it…and so…I have a second journal for the Season of Seasons, so that I can write unimpeded about what I am working on, about what I want to create, and what I have created…

I made this journal a long time ago…and it has been sitting here waiting to be used.  I have gotten into using these journals a lot since my surgery in March…I love them–but that doesn’t stop me from buying other journals…you can see a video flip-through of this journal and the two sister/companion journals here, if you’re interested.

That’s where I am at for right now…