Well, the computer situation here is – unimproved.

The computer situation here is—unchanged.

I, however, am entering one of those periods where I really really want to work…where I have the ideas flowing, where I know what I want to do…where the juices are pumping and…



I need a tech guy—STAT.

I am working on what is basically a tablet…the screen messes with my eyes. I can only handle so much screen time, whether I am reading, watching videos, writing/typing…and then my head starts to hurt and my eyes blur and ache…and I can’t move forward.

Everything I want to do right now…is on my external hard drive. To which I have – zero access at the moment.

I finally woke up, for these past two days, with all the changes I want to do on the Raven Journey ( I am hoping to write it down here so I will remember when I have access to all my stuff again…argh!). I know what order everything needs to go in…I know what artwork I need to do…I know what photographs I want to use and where I want to source them…all of that happy stuff…

And here I am…currently fighting a sinus migraine … currently struggling because I wasn’t able to get nearly enough sleep last night and my eyes are not working at full capacity. Yes, you heard me correctly—if I can’t sleep a certain amount, my eyes do not work the right way because they haven’t been able to work through the screen time I had the day before…I am using colloidal silver to help—if I didn’t have this stuff, I don’t think I would be able to see much at all at any time.

Weird space, eh? It’s my space.

Go ahead and ask…why can’t you sleep?

One—insomnia. I have the issue of I can’t fall asleep coupled with the issue of I can’t stay asleep. I have had this issue darn near my entire life, but it is exacerbated with the youngest around here.

Two—I have to get up in the morning because no matter how many alarm clocks the teenager has, I am still the one that actually gets her up and out of bed so she can go to work. Which usually isn’t too bad…because once she is up I can go back to sleep and catch up on what I lost…unless…the youngest wakes up and nothing can help me go back to sleep – even if he eventually does –which is frequent.

Three—pain. There is no further explanation there. My feet are still savage right now. My back is getting worse again and I cannot figure out why. I know what I should do…but – I do not have the time nor the space…and do not even say, well, surely … no… there is no one who actually does anything that will give me that space and that time…even if it is fifteen to twenty minutes per day…don’t even start harassing me about that. But thank you for your concern.

Apologies for that mini growl there…

Since I am having so many technological issues, coupled with the accompanying medical issues…I do what I do…I have turned back to my knitting – which I will talk about in a different post. I have some new directions I want to take my artwork…because for all my training, again it hits me, that I have stayed within such a tiny sphere and there is so much more out there…and it is time for me to start working that way…whether I do it slowly and tentatively – or whether I do it … in dribs and drabs and stolen thirty second increments…plus, I have plenty of half-finished stuff around, including the remaining 30 Shiloh faces yet…

I have about seven finished pieces, not all the 30 faces, but I haven’t had a decent way to scan them so I can watermark them and post them here…so … again…technology issues…

Until next time…pray for me, people…seriously!

I Was Going To Make A Quick Video…


I was planning to make a quick little video, in my almost not-there voice, but, when I came to the only device I have that is working — not including my phone…because it’s really too much trouble right now to do that…especially with all the technical issues I’ve been having lately…I learned that my device is cranky and trying to figure out how to flip the camera from rear view to front view…yeah, I gave up.

Please note, before you start offering advice, the device has issues inherent to itself to begin with–it came to us that way…and because of those issues, typical, hey, let me google the answer kind of stuff actually doesn’t work because it’s not physically able to happen with this device.

What device?  Yeah…I’d rather not go into that, because it’s not the device’s fault or the company that makes said device…but it is a device and not a computer and not a laptop.

My laptop…is, uhm, in the Nevermore, I guess…I used a tune-up program from a trusted source…I have done this in the past with no issues…I used it again, and this time…with different results.  This time…I had to take it back to factory settings, twice, to fix things…and uhm, it didn’t actually fix things…now, the laptop won’t turn on.

Yes, I live with an IT guy.  No, thank you, I don’t need advice…I am angling to get a desk top as a replacement, thank you.

So, I have to make do with what I have.  So, no video until I get something that can take video.

That’s the big news–technology limitations here.

I have no access to my files at the moment.  They are all safe on my external hard drive–a hard drive I cannot access from my device …

Which means … no other courses turned into email courses until we get that sorted out.

My laptop was already having issues with the scanner before I tweaked it and killed it…and now…I am still having scanner issues, but I think I can work that one out.  It’s just going to take me some time…and I do have art to show too…several finished pieces… and I am working on things…

We went to Ikea the other day and Evangeline and I both picked up a couple of journals–more on that later–and Evangeline also just gave me a new leather-bound journal with a binder system inside that I can toss in my purse and take with me…and refill as needed…so I have journals in the works with different themes going on…and other than using a journal for a particular class, I’ve never really had a themed journal before…and we’ll see how this goes.

Along with this update, let me throw in another bone into the fire here…I am writing again, slowly, unsurely, but getting there.  I am dipping my feet back into the waters of fiction…and this device does help me along those lines…but I am not really up to putting up a lot of the new stuff…other than short little things here and there.

All that really means is at some point there is going to be more classes come from me…and right now I am not feeling short little bursts of classwork.  I am feeling something deeper, longer, stronger…so we will see how things turn out…

Until next time…thanks for listening.



Older Courses Now Available For Sale Again…


Last week, I finally figured out how to get things moving on translating some of my courses into email courses, rather than simply stand-alone PDF courses.

The first one is ready and available, here, with more to come.

As I went through old files, I was called to put my older courses back up for sale, at a discount.  They are all $5 US each.  All are available only as PDF’s.  I have only begun to put them up, so there are many more coming.

I have always been proud of my work.  When I originally took these courses down, I thought I was doing the “right thing” as this was older work.  It may or may not reflect where I was at that moment, or where I am right now.

However, it kept coming back to me, over and over, that I needed to put those courses back up again.  That someone needed those courses, where they were, as they were, and to let go of anything holding me back.

So, I did it.  I created a new page, just for older course work.  Everything there is linked and available for sale right this moment.

There are currently two headers are mini courses and prompt courses.

I know there are many more courses yet to come.  I just have to find where I stashed everything.  I have external hard drives to check…after I figure out where I stashed them to keep them safe.

I am still working to update the site as I go along, as I find issues.  I am not just adding more work for sale at the moment, but tweaking things as well.

Thank you for coming along on this journey with me.


Course Now Available For Purchase: So Twinkles The Star


So Twinkles The Star
Thirty Prompts
Second Edition

This updated edition boasts new material to help you along the way.

Take a journey with a Star.
Have an intimate conversation.  Learn.  Teach. Glide.
All things are possible.

This course contains thirty prompts, in the form of questions being asked to the Star.

You engage with these prompts however you feel best.  Do whatever brings you joy.

There is no supply list offered because you alone are in charge of your journey and of your experience.

Two versions are available:

One: A downloadable PDF with all the prompts all in one place, all at once, so that you can pick and choose.  You can work through any prompt at any time right off the bat.

Two: An email course, where you receive an email every day for thirty-days.  In addition to the thirty prompt emails, there is also a welcome email and a farewell email.  You will not receive a PDF at the end of this class.  Your emails are your entire class materials.

If you are interested in purchasing the class, please click here.

April Newsletter…Postponed and Finally Cancelled



I said, several times, last month that the March newsletter was the one I am most proud of…so, how did I get from so proud to realizing that the best thing for me is to cancel doing the newsletter entirely?

My beloved thinkpad is still broken screened and silently waiting in the corner, well, with many other electronic devices in this house–between toddler and teen and those of us in between…the March newsletter was 99% hand-written…I did type up every link–that I had already hand-written out–to make sure readers could just click and go, rather than typing every link out by hand…

I felt really good about all that work that I did.  It felt good to release it out into the world…even though there were technical issues with the release…’because, hey, I am blonde…even if I no longer look it as clearly…

But, as the month moved forward, the idea of the April newsletter kept coming up–for March, I had had an outline and very clear ideas about what I wanted to write about … I thought doing the same thing for April would be a good idea…but the last week of March flew into being and I was…still dragging my feet.  It is April 4th and I still haven’t committed to a new journal for the month yet…I have an old book pulled and sitting on my table, waiting, but I haven’t started the process of altering and binding, yet.  I am not quite sure I will.

Since I had ensured I had less than a week to pull together the newsletter, I decided to sit down and figure out what to put into the newsletter.  I started to just randomly write, scribble and doodle to get my ideas out.  What came up was — I have trouble keeping things private and strictly for the newsletter…which spins into much of what I put in the newsletter I would like to put on the blog, but can’t because I have to honor the space that I have created for my newsletter readers, which makes me feel as if my regular blog readers are missing out and are being sort of pushed aside and/or forgotten/left for last…which does not in any way make me feel good.

So, I investigated what I would 1 like to have in the newsletter and 2 what I would like to put out on the blog…and it is a lot of the same thing…but if I put it in one, I can’t put it in the other…which means I am limiting myself…and I don’t like that.

And this is the process I used to get around to the fact that…instead of postponing this month’s newsletter until I pulled it together–I needed to let go of the newsletter entirely and focus on putting all that content out on the blog…which feels genuine to me and it feels GOOD to me…so…newsletter…bye-bye…thank you all who followed along with me and this experiment.

Now–the reason the newsletter was originally resurrected at the beginning of the year was because I was planning to create an altered book journal specific to each and every month…I am not giving up on those journals.

However, I look around and I have stacks of hand-made journals sitting here.  None of these journals are set up for 30/31 day projects.  Most of them have many many more pages –and if I could go through one of these things in a month, then I wouldn’t be as … anxious?  upset? about the thought of trying as I am…

So…I am thinking that perhaps I will create a journal … and maybe it will house more than a single month…especially since I have struggling to do anything that feels … worthy of posting online … in these journals.  Even though what I am doing feels good to me when I am doing it…it doesn’t always feel as if it would be valuable to anyone else…and even as I write that I have this voice in my head saying…if it is valuable to you, then there is someone out there that will come across this post and will feel relieved and happy to know that doing anything, no matter how small, can make a huge difference…because it does.

My March journal — which I will talk about in another post — is nearly entirely me splashing water color paint onto the pages first thing in the morning and then walking away for the rest of the day.  I had my little small stone space created in the corners where I would write later, sometimes days later, and that was enough for me.  The whole process was enough for me, even though I kept telling myself I wanted to have more, a longer time to work, uninterrupted time, actual space to work…all those things I yearn for…but…what I did was I sploshed paint for a bit and let it run over the page and dry there…and that was it and it made my heart happy–happier than I would have thought…so there you go…

All that to say…sorry, the newsletter is cancelled.  To say…hey, expect more content here on the blog…and to say, hey, every little bit counts…every day…



Hello. It’s Monday.


Hello.  It’s Monday.

You may have noticed I was not around much last week.

I actually had quite a bit planned…but then–life intervened.

Doctors appointments.  Eye doctor appointments.  Dental appointments.  Even though I was not the one in the dentist’s chair, I still feel as if I were–I am still recuperating–although the person in question was over it all in about an hour or so after the procedures were done.

I had even planned a video…to make sure I didn’t stop making videos just because the whole VEDIF in February was so much for me.  I had stuff to talk about…and now, I don’t actually remember most of it because I rehearsed it all in my head, repeatedly — and then…my brain went to mush…

I decided to just let the blog lay dormant for a week and focus on my family and myself…

Now…it’s time to get back into the groove … so … here we go.


Its My Birthday


Today is my birthday.

Today is the day I want to tell you about what I have currently ready and available on our family website.

Go to the Shop tab at the top of the page.  Flit on down until you see my name, Tabitha.

If you click my name, the page there will give you all sorts of information about me.  Links to sites.  Some art work.  Little tidbits.

The first tab under — or rather beside–my name that comes up is: before working with me.  This is for people who are taking my classes, workshops and courses.  This is for people who engage me for healing sessions, intuitive sessions and mentoring sessions as well.  Please read this and understand…I am not your mother.  I am here to help you help you–not do the work for you.

My first offering is: intuitive readings by email.  On this page is the box to click (or rather the little picture that says ‘add to cart’ that takes you to paypal) to order a reading…but beside that are the rules and regulations of getting a reading from/with me.  Before you buy a reading, I suggest you read that–it is very important information.  Having said that, I do do longer readings, by request, by email.  If you are interested in a longer reading, please email me here.  I will send you an invoice and we will go from there.

Next you will find meditations.  I have started on these, but I do not feel I am ready to release them as yet.  I have written meditations.  Painted meditations.  What I want to do is record the meditations for you.  I also want to have a recorded meditation and an art piece to contemplate while listening for you.  Those are still in the works.

The tab under that is the courses tab.  Under this tab, you will find a tab for every course that I offer.  These courses are not yet active.  These will be my email courses.  Details of each course will vary, but the basic premise is that you will sign up for a course.  Every few days or so, or every day, you will receive an email with one prompt.  And so on, until the end of the course.  I am working on that.  These courses will be available for purchase in the coming months.  My goal is within the next 60 days.  I will keep you updated on my progress with these.

Although the next tab says Reiki sessions, I am offering Reiki and energetic healing sessions.  Right now, the only sessions I am offering are distance sessions. Once we move to a more suitable clime, I will open up for local clients to have in-person sessions again.  I will keep you updated as things progress.  Until then, I am grateful and excited to be doing healing work again.  I’ve missed it.

Spirit Dolls is the next tab.  Something near and dear to my heart…and something I very rarely engage in lately.  The creation of dolls…I used to knit or crochet small toys as well, but that hasn’t happened in a while due to circumstance.  I still have a few dolls waiting to find their Homes.  Come see if one of these beauties belongs to you.

Mentoring.  I have purposely left this description fairly blank.  It can mean any number of things.  Perhaps you need more in-depth intuitive counseling.  Perhaps you need a spiritual advisor.  Perhaps you just need someone to talk to, or to help you work through a problem.  Perhaps you need a partner to work alongside you as you go through a new project.  Email me.  Discuss what you are looking for, what you need, what you expect, and perhaps we can come to some agreement.

Now we come to the fiber tab.  This is a place where I do have plans to add on to this year.  That whole book of shawl patterns that I have had sitting here for so many years.  Slowly I am test-knitting my way through them…and finding inventive ways to write out the patterns to make them comprehensible to everyone.  Until then, I do have knitting patterns, as well as crochet patterns, for sale right here.

At the very bottom of my list comes: Artwork Page 1 and Artwork Page 2.   This is where you can find the art that I have created for sale.  Everything is linked and priced.  If there is not a working button available, it is because shipping needs to be calculated before sale.  The price of the piece is listed; there just isn’t a buy now button set up, due to the shipping issue.

Now, there is a lot more art that I need to put up for sale there.  I am slowly working my way up to that.  You would think that this should be the easiest part of what I do…but it is because it is easy–take a picture, post it, put it up for sale…that I keep pushing that to the bottom of my to do list.  I have to get those harder to do, have to figure this out things done before I can just do the ‘easy’ parts, don’t you know.

You will be seeing more of my abstract work.  Not necessarily the ink drippings, but other work.  You will soon see more collaborative work between my son Nikolas and myself.  You will also see the icons I have created for various classes and repeating posts put up for sale.  I have stacks of my primitive girls to finish off.  Lately, I have been exploring other things close to my heart and those will soon show up as well.

Thank you for listening to me today…I know this is a lot of information to go through.

I am hoping to have my free “birthday course” ready for you by the end of April.

Thanks for joining me on this journey today.