Update and Check-In

This November has been … a transitory time for me. There are a lot of new things going on in our life here. We have a weekly set appointment on Mondays that has thrown my whole schedule off. Mondays before this appointment used to be my time to recalibrate and figure out what my week would be, recharge and destress after the weekend, get myself together…and now…it’s just busy for me. And a busy Monday, after a busy weekend, leads into a busy Tuesday…which means that I don’t get the downtime I am used to until Wednesday…and by Wednesday I am already worrying about Friday…and that leads me into the weekend worry…so this loop is taking me some time to find the space to settle in and find the space where I have the time to stop and breathe and let go of all the pent-up stuff before taking on the on-coming worry.

It’s something I am actively working with and working on…but, it’s a process.

However, as I work through these steps…and as I work on getting my work together…and preparing for the coming year…I tend to let things go when I can’t actually manage things. You may be thinking, how hard is it to sit down and type up some quotes for Friday—and I am telling you that it truly is. There is more to things than you realize…and I do what I can within the confines of my physical limitations at the moment. Honoring myself and my body right now is by far more important to me than forcing myself to create or be online…no matter how much I want to…but I am trying to try…so don’t lose heart.

I also want to talk about my word of the year for 2017: Reclaim. And yes, I had to look it up again to be sure what it was.

My year pretty much stopped, work-wise, creation-wise, in April, wasn’t it? I had my year planned out and then…everything stopped. Even though I had the best of intentions for jumping back on that pony and gettin’ goin’ again—it hasn’t happened…not the way it was supposed to. But, I needed the time off.

Have I re-accessed everything? Have I changed my path or my goals? No. I needed the time to figure out where I am now, where I want to be, what steps needed to be taken to move forward in the direction I want to move. I needed to take that time to reclaim the internal workings of who and what I am, to remember why I am here and why I do what I do. I needed time to cast off everyone else’s expectations and assumptions. I needed to stop doing things the way the “experts” say to do things. I needed to stop keeping up with the Joneses…because that’s never been who I am and I hate that – but when working to rebuild my business, that’s what I thought I should be doing, because that was what everyone was saying I should do.

So, the time off has been productive in some ways…and in others…the guilt piles up. Guilt piles up. Stacks of papers needing to be filed pile up. Magazines pile up. Books pile up. And fine, yes, the laundry piles up because I seriously hate to fold laundry…but at least I do get it done in a semi-timely manner because the guilt of seeing it just sitting there drives me nuts.

October this year was eye-opening for me. There came many shifts, many that I did not expect. I found some correlations and some coincidences that seemed cosmically lined up and linked for me. I found my way through. Finding my way is the easy part…making my way through…that’s the difficult part. That’s how I get stuck being five years into a two-year plan, again.

November is usually my downtime emotionally, spiritually, mentally—which is sort of funny with NaNoWriMo running every year…but how long has it been since I won at NaNo? 2010? I don’t think I finished with 2011’s novel. And I don’t think I have really tried since then either. This year, I found NaKniSweMo…knitting a sweater in a month…and I love that…that feels good…that feels far more like what I need right now…that meditative creation of something that I will actually be wearing. It’s a weaving closed these open wounds, these deep holes, in my life where the things I once loved so dearly and needed to have to stay sane vanished into…and that feels amazing.

So, yes, overall, I would say I have spent this year Reclaiming…and next year’s word has already come to me and is easing into my process even now, as Samhain marks the New Year on the Celtic Calendar…so moves the ancient flows within my DNA…

I will put up the remaining For Your Inspiration Friday quotes…I will simply move forward, not backward.

Thank you for following along on this journey with me.


The Reason For Show-Casing A Couple Prompts From Duncan This Month

All of his life, since he began to babble, Duncan has been a story-teller.  He can tell the most elaborate tales you have ever heard–although I warn you, once he starts, you just need to sit down and listen–you’re going to be there for a while.

On a daily basis, this little man will spew some of the strangest, most bizarre things I have ever heard.  So….I started to write them down.

Now, many were lost due to lack of pen and paper when they were uttered.  Many were lost due to the fact that his mama was just too darn tired to try to find something to write with.

But–I captured a bunch of these weird little things — and I typed them up.

Now available for purchase, for $5 US, eighty-four odd something or another from the mind of Duncan.

What you do with these prompts is all up to you.

Sketch–paint–write–do an interpretive dance–create a magic show–make a zine–whatever you do, wherever these take you…just have a ball doing it.

Click here to learn more and to order.

Please note–all money goes into a savings account for Duncan’s college.


An Introduction To October’s Halloween Prompts


Tomorrow begins thirty-one days of the howlingest good times to be had.

On Sisters In The Shadows, you will find stories, poetry, art, and who knows what else, every single day…sometimes several offerings per day…but always every day a little something….

But here, on this blog, we will be taking you on a more … psychedelic journey.  A journey of creepy and scary and cute.

Duncan and I sat talking one day during the summer, because, I am telling you, Halloween is THE topic in our house, all year long…and we decided that it would be freaky to take cute things…and make them scary…maybe it’s the zombie bunny refrigerator magnet we have that sparked this discussion…

But…there’s our theme for this year: Creepy Scary Cute.

Each day, I will present to you a simple mundane prompt.

You can :

write about it

draw about it

paint about it

sew about it

cook and/or bake about it

weave about it

rave about it

create a movie about it

scream about it

knit about it

crochet about it

create a monument about it

dance about it


Whatever you want to do with this prompt, go with it, go for it…and please, link back to us and share it, if you are so inclined…

Enjoy …

Focus, Focus…

Where do I shine my light?

The total eclipse of the sun is a reset button…it’s more than just the New Moon and releasing what is unneeded and setting intentions for new goals and/or dreams…it takes the releasing and the setting of intentions to far greater heights.

It’s been an interesting few months here anyway–between the computer crash and being sick and getting married and everything in between…hey, the youngest is officially being homeschooled as of this year…slowly but surely…he proved to me this morning he can spell…hobby (as in hobbykidstv on youtube, if you’re wondering) … now, to get him to spell his own first name…

So many irons in the fire…and last night, as I sat watching Primeval (because we love it) … it struck me…I haven’t spent a great deal of time finishing any of the projects on my to do list of late…not the business related ones.  My house is getting cleaner…one spot at a time…my now five-year-old is getting more independent (thank goodness) and again, the homeschooling…my oldest has a steady job, has graduated high school, and has plans for her future (peace corps, maybe military and then college…) my middle son starts back to public school (much to his ire) tomorrow…I finally finally fought my way through the insurance website and found myself some proper doctors and I have appointments all set up…so maybe I can finally get the help that I need…fingers crossed…

As the home field becomes more…balanced … it’s time I turned my focus to my other work…because my family is my first job, first and foremost…next comes…the writing, the art, the knitting…and that seems to be where and how my focus is heading.

I have a few fiber projects on the needles…I have yarn to start my first full, long sleeved, adult sweater…one of these–I am not sure which one yet…but I have enough yarn to start one…so I am happy.

I recently finished two hats for Duncan…

Kitty cat

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And I am making the same hat, in different yarn, for Miss Evangeline.  Although I am modifying hers somewhat…I am adding attached scarves (basically) to both sides, and making sure the ends of the scarves have pockets for her hands…because she is a dingbat who refuses to wear gloves unless her life is threatened…but since she says she plans to walk to and from work this winter, I want to make sure she’s covered…

I used this hat pattern…because Duncan wanted something with ears….and I wanted something fast and easy, without needing to struggle with decreases, and without needing to make different ears to sew on.  The boy is happy…and now he is waiting for me to knit him his sweater…ahem…it’s going to be one of these too

I also have two more dishcloths to finish off before I am comfortable moving on…and I have a previously started sweater that I am debating on frogging or not…I need to either frog it…or finish it…and I know it’s a top-down sweater that I am about six inches into…so…decisions…

And…I told you I don’t know how long ago that I am using my Tarot cards as writing prompts and writing my way through them…well…I’m slow.  I am currently working on card number … two…  I finished the first piece…in June, I think…I have part of number two written…

The really interesting thing here is that…I don’t think it’s just my usual, hey, there’s a squirrel (as in, distractions) and not having time to write…I think it is because it takes some time for the cards to work on me and work their way through me…I have known since I pulled him from the deck what I wanted to write for card number two, the Shaman…and what I want to write has not shifted at all (since June) … HOW I want to write it HAS shifted…and I think that is the crux of things.  I am not using the cards for anything…we are working together towards something…and something more than the little stories I have concocted to go along with these cards…as I pull them and look at them…a different sort of thread is appearing…and I will share more about that later.

Writing–that has been my schtick for a long time.  It’s time for me to get back to it.

BUT…art was my schtick a long time before the writing…although I did write along with my drawings…and I did make up stories and poems to go along with my drawings…and I think that is where I need to go again…

Lots of things brewing in the cauldron of wisdom over here…lots coming to be shared…

Hang on to your hats, ladies and gentleman…the doors are opening once more and I am sliding through before they open all the way … I am ready for this.

Many blessings.



Today, my family and I watched the eclipse together.

It was such an amazing experience.

Neither my husband nor I got very good pictures…but the experience was more than worth it.


I decided last night to take the opportunity of the New Moon (today) coupled with the eclipse….and I started to paint an actual painting in honor of this time.

Beginning of eclipse piece

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I may tell the tale of how she came to be…once she is completed.

I did not intend to have a face…it’s just what happened organically.

There is much much more to come with her…she is merely bare bones at the moment.

I’ll keep you updated.


What Can You Get For Five Dollars?

I fluctuate on the family website with it being too much of me there…I pull stuff off. I rearrange stuff. I do all sorts of things. Time and time again, I think, I need to pull most of my stuff off to make it ‘more fair’ to everyone, so it won’t look like it is about me so much.

Time and time again, between friends, family members, and actual clients, I hear…whatever it is that makes me worry about my stuff being ‘too much’, I need to let go of that…so every time I think…new website…I end up letting go of it…because time and time again what everyone tells me is…I just have more to offer than the rest…and perhaps in time, the kids will have more to offer…or perhaps they will move on to their own sites…or both…but for right now, every time I turn around, the message I get is to not hide myself or my work – but to let my stuff shine…

Along these lines, letting my stuff shine, myself shine, my work shine…I have been getting lots of messages about … not discounting my older work. So, I have brought it out of the cupboards where I have hidden it away…and I am again offering it up for sale. Since it is older work, and not necessarily representative of where I am anymore, I am not going to charge the original prices…I still believe this work has value, otherwise, I would not put it out into the world again.

However, in some places, I am working on a course similar to the old one, with not just new material, but new insights, new energies, new directions…so again, not trying to devalue the old work, because I still believe there is much to be learned from it…I am just saying…new things are coming…I have expanded…I have opened up more…and the one major thing is…I have much stronger and healthier boundaries now.

I think the biggest flaw in some of my earlier work was trying to make it accessible to everyone…so there was a lot of political correctness going on to make that possible…in trying to be as inoffensive to as many people as possible, I admit that I often was offensive to my own self and to my own beliefs. It is something I have been working on…and something I continue to work on. In no way am I saying I am working to be more offensive to people. Hardly. I am simply working to be my own more authentic self—to be less offensive to my own true self.

Having said all of this…all my older work is now available for sale again…for $5 per course.

I have Older Courses available here (each one is $5).

I have Writing available here (each one is $5).

Of course, if you want more, there are plenty of additional tabs under my name under the shop tab on the website.

Keep in mind…just as I am working to bring you more courses and artwork and whatnot…I am also working on the website as well, so things may shift there without warning, although I do my best to make sure everything remains as clear as possible.

Thanks for listening.

So, Hello…


I wrote about how things were going to start picking up around here…and then … basically … you get crickets from me.

Well, I forgot that I needed to write things and actually POST them to the blog here…

But…there have been a ton of things going on behind the scenes here.

We are pondering the coming Halloween season…what will who do when on Sisters (and that’s just in our house…not even the entire Sisters group…)…what will we do here on this blog…how will we do it.

We always start planning the Wednesday prompts in July…and I am diving deep to decide what I want to do in the coming year…funnily enough, I have two years worth of different prompts sitting and waiting to be typed up…and I have an idea for something that I want to do…and I am torn between what to do first or how to turn them around…

I have the two free classes firing in my brain; I have a new paid course developing; I have a collaboration with my youngest that is going to turn into a different modality coming up; I have classes with my youngest moving forward; I have the old courses to finish off; I have a fiber-based course in the works; I have an old course to re-work and update.

I am even thinking forward to next year, thinking about monthly features, weekly features, that sort of thing…things that in JULY I should not even bother about for the coming year, but it’s here; it’s showing up; it wants to be heard—so I am listening….

I have lists. I have lists and I have more lists. I have plans…and plans within plans. At least I am taking notes about so many things that keep coming up…

I have stuff…

And…to top that off…I am still recuperating from being sick…so I have all this energy and all this stuff I want to do, but as I get into doing something, I get tired and I have to take breaks, I have to sit down, I have to take time out.

But…I am not stopping…it just may take a while for me to get everything together.

I hit me today that Lammas is coming…so my goal is to be set up and ready to really move forward by Lammas…

So, fingers crossed.