What Can You Get For Five Dollars?


I fluctuate on the family website with it being too much of me there…I pull stuff off. I rearrange stuff. I do all sorts of things. Time and time again, I think, I need to pull most of my stuff off to make it ‘more fair’ to everyone, so it won’t look like it is about me so much.

Time and time again, between friends, family members, and actual clients, I hear…whatever it is that makes me worry about my stuff being ‘too much’, I need to let go of that…so every time I think…new website…I end up letting go of it…because time and time again what everyone tells me is…I just have more to offer than the rest…and perhaps in time, the kids will have more to offer…or perhaps they will move on to their own sites…or both…but for right now, every time I turn around, the message I get is to not hide myself or my work – but to let my stuff shine…

Along these lines, letting my stuff shine, myself shine, my work shine…I have been getting lots of messages about … not discounting my older work. So, I have brought it out of the cupboards where I have hidden it away…and I am again offering it up for sale. Since it is older work, and not necessarily representative of where I am anymore, I am not going to charge the original prices…I still believe this work has value, otherwise, I would not put it out into the world again.

However, in some places, I am working on a course similar to the old one, with not just new material, but new insights, new energies, new directions…so again, not trying to devalue the old work, because I still believe there is much to be learned from it…I am just saying…new things are coming…I have expanded…I have opened up more…and the one major thing is…I have much stronger and healthier boundaries now.

I think the biggest flaw in some of my earlier work was trying to make it accessible to everyone…so there was a lot of political correctness going on to make that possible…in trying to be as inoffensive to as many people as possible, I admit that I often was offensive to my own self and to my own beliefs. It is something I have been working on…and something I continue to work on. In no way am I saying I am working to be more offensive to people. Hardly. I am simply working to be my own more authentic self—to be less offensive to my own true self.

Having said all of this…all my older work is now available for sale again…for $5 per course.

I have Older Courses available here (each one is $5).

I have Writing available here (each one is $5).

Of course, if you want more, there are plenty of additional tabs under my name under the shop tab on the website.

Keep in mind…just as I am working to bring you more courses and artwork and whatnot…I am also working on the website as well, so things may shift there without warning, although I do my best to make sure everything remains as clear as possible.

Thanks for listening.

So, Hello…



I wrote about how things were going to start picking up around here…and then … basically … you get crickets from me.

Well, I forgot that I needed to write things and actually POST them to the blog here…

But…there have been a ton of things going on behind the scenes here.

We are pondering the coming Halloween season…what will who do when on Sisters (and that’s just in our house…not even the entire Sisters group…)…what will we do here on this blog…how will we do it.

We always start planning the Wednesday prompts in July…and I am diving deep to decide what I want to do in the coming year…funnily enough, I have two years worth of different prompts sitting and waiting to be typed up…and I have an idea for something that I want to do…and I am torn between what to do first or how to turn them around…

I have the two free classes firing in my brain; I have a new paid course developing; I have a collaboration with my youngest that is going to turn into a different modality coming up; I have classes with my youngest moving forward; I have the old courses to finish off; I have a fiber-based course in the works; I have an old course to re-work and update.

I am even thinking forward to next year, thinking about monthly features, weekly features, that sort of thing…things that in JULY I should not even bother about for the coming year, but it’s here; it’s showing up; it wants to be heard—so I am listening….

I have lists. I have lists and I have more lists. I have plans…and plans within plans. At least I am taking notes about so many things that keep coming up…

I have stuff…

And…to top that off…I am still recuperating from being sick…so I have all this energy and all this stuff I want to do, but as I get into doing something, I get tired and I have to take breaks, I have to sit down, I have to take time out.

But…I am not stopping…it just may take a while for me to get everything together.

I hit me today that Lammas is coming…so my goal is to be set up and ready to really move forward by Lammas…

So, fingers crossed.

It’s Monday!


Oh, happy days…over this past week…the antibiotics have not exactly been the miraculous cure I needed, but they sure did jump start things.  They, coupled with a few herbal tinctures, lots of apple cider vinegar and as much sleep as I could get, cleared up the worst of it.  I feel like a human being again…so thank you for your prayers, your energy, your love and your support.  I deeply appreciate it.

And…during this past week, another amazing thing happened…my hardware issues have been fixed, well, mostly.  I have a new computer, a new set-up and I am raring to get back to work….although I am using my old monitor because I opted for a desktop over a laptop….and my monitor is about nine years old and did not come with a camera–so we are looking for a webcam…and … we are still having printer issues…because…it’s a printer and it has issues…but my loving man is definitely working on that…if all else fails, I am at the ready with a baseball bat.

So, look forward to a lot more new things coming your way from me…I am so excited…the past few weeks have given me a lot of time to think…and this past week, I have actually written some things down, so I can actually bring them to fruition.  I have two new free courses in the works.  I will have the old courses turned into email courses by the end of summer.  I have a brand new project bubbling beneath the surface.

Things are good.

It feels so amazing to simply be able to sit down at a computer and actually make something happen other than just being able to check email and type up a few things.  Ahhh….progress…and the energy to keep up with it.  Thank you.

Until tomorrow…

Slow And Steady



So, some of you may know that I have been fighting some sort of germ for well over a month now. It’s one of those things that you start to get better…and then you get worse…and then you get better…and then you get worse. Well, last week, it went from feeling decent, but not entirely well, to feeling sick…feeling sicker, to not getting out of my chair if the house is on fire because I just don’t have the ability to do so.

With some coaxing from my loving partner and from my loving mother, I finally gave in and went to the doctor…and am now on antibiotics. Let me just say, with my “faith” in the medical industry, I have to be really sick before I agree to go see a doctor. I did get antibiotics—and I know I have been very sick, very sick. I had no choice. I was getting worse…and worse…not better.

Now I am on antibiotics. This is day three. I am already dealing with that little niggle in the back of my brain that is saying, this isn’t going to be enough to really kick this. But—I am going to try. Today is not a feel good day…today is a day where I am looking at the beginning of the month, nothing other than the Wednesday prompts scheduled and no other real way to reach out and say, hey, I can’t sit upright and type for more than a minute or two at a time, but I promise I’ll get my usual stuff up and running … as soon as my ears pop (it’s been two weeks now—they still haven’t popped) and I can stand up without feeling as if I am going to fall and faint all at the same time.

So, my plan is to do what I can—and no, I don’t have a laptop that I can move around with, so it’s all sit at my desk and type, not roam the house from couch to bed finding a spot where I can tolerate working without complete exhaustion…I have been sitting in my chair for over a week, not moving once I sit down in it except to use the bathroom and to help my 4yo with the same, and to go to bed for nearly a week now.

I will do what I can, retro-post the usual monthly bits as needed, and will eventually get back up to speed. I know that on some level I am feeling better, because this morning I sat down and thought, OMG, I have so many things to do…let me do them…so my brain is feeling better…I just have to wait until the body can handle what my brain can do.

For the past five days, sitting in my chair, I have not been able to knit, nor read, nor sketch, nor doodle, not even cruise the internet on a kindle or ipad…my brain fogged out and my body rested…this is how I know I am at least getting better…my brain is starting to fire up again and the need to do something other than just sit…because I hate to just sit…is beginning to burn again. It’s a small flame, but it’s there…I shall tend it with mercy and grace and compassion…and I shall try to be a gentle as possible.

Thanks for being patient with me as I keep chugging along, slow and steady.

Happy Independence Day!


Yes, sick as a dog, I went to a baseball game today–not for the cool socks they gave us as we entered the gates–not for the teams playing…I went because I promised to go the next time my partner got tickets…and he got tickets right by the batter’s warm-up circle…I mean, seriously, right there, only fence between us and the players.

For the record, we made it three innings and then had to leave because I was wiped and so was the 4yo…but it was cool enough an experience to say I want to go again.

How to spend a sick day…

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Well, the computer situation here is – unimproved.

The computer situation here is—unchanged.

I, however, am entering one of those periods where I really really want to work…where I have the ideas flowing, where I know what I want to do…where the juices are pumping and…



I need a tech guy—STAT.

I am working on what is basically a tablet…the screen messes with my eyes. I can only handle so much screen time, whether I am reading, watching videos, writing/typing…and then my head starts to hurt and my eyes blur and ache…and I can’t move forward.

Everything I want to do right now…is on my external hard drive. To which I have – zero access at the moment.

I finally woke up, for these past two days, with all the changes I want to do on the Raven Journey ( I am hoping to write it down here so I will remember when I have access to all my stuff again…argh!). I know what order everything needs to go in…I know what artwork I need to do…I know what photographs I want to use and where I want to source them…all of that happy stuff…

And here I am…currently fighting a sinus migraine … currently struggling because I wasn’t able to get nearly enough sleep last night and my eyes are not working at full capacity. Yes, you heard me correctly—if I can’t sleep a certain amount, my eyes do not work the right way because they haven’t been able to work through the screen time I had the day before…I am using colloidal silver to help—if I didn’t have this stuff, I don’t think I would be able to see much at all at any time.

Weird space, eh? It’s my space.

Go ahead and ask…why can’t you sleep?

One—insomnia. I have the issue of I can’t fall asleep coupled with the issue of I can’t stay asleep. I have had this issue darn near my entire life, but it is exacerbated with the youngest around here.

Two—I have to get up in the morning because no matter how many alarm clocks the teenager has, I am still the one that actually gets her up and out of bed so she can go to work. Which usually isn’t too bad…because once she is up I can go back to sleep and catch up on what I lost…unless…the youngest wakes up and nothing can help me go back to sleep – even if he eventually does –which is frequent.

Three—pain. There is no further explanation there. My feet are still savage right now. My back is getting worse again and I cannot figure out why. I know what I should do…but – I do not have the time nor the space…and do not even say, well, surely … no… there is no one who actually does anything that will give me that space and that time…even if it is fifteen to twenty minutes per day…don’t even start harassing me about that. But thank you for your concern.

Apologies for that mini growl there…

Since I am having so many technological issues, coupled with the accompanying medical issues…I do what I do…I have turned back to my knitting – which I will talk about in a different post. I have some new directions I want to take my artwork…because for all my training, again it hits me, that I have stayed within such a tiny sphere and there is so much more out there…and it is time for me to start working that way…whether I do it slowly and tentatively – or whether I do it … in dribs and drabs and stolen thirty second increments…plus, I have plenty of half-finished stuff around, including the remaining 30 Shiloh faces yet…

I have about seven finished pieces, not all the 30 faces, but I haven’t had a decent way to scan them so I can watermark them and post them here…so … again…technology issues…

Until next time…pray for me, people…seriously!

I Was Going To Make A Quick Video…


I was planning to make a quick little video, in my almost not-there voice, but, when I came to the only device I have that is working — not including my phone…because it’s really too much trouble right now to do that…especially with all the technical issues I’ve been having lately…I learned that my device is cranky and trying to figure out how to flip the camera from rear view to front view…yeah, I gave up.

Please note, before you start offering advice, the device has issues inherent to itself to begin with–it came to us that way…and because of those issues, typical, hey, let me google the answer kind of stuff actually doesn’t work because it’s not physically able to happen with this device.

What device?  Yeah…I’d rather not go into that, because it’s not the device’s fault or the company that makes said device…but it is a device and not a computer and not a laptop.

My laptop…is, uhm, in the Nevermore, I guess…I used a tune-up program from a trusted source…I have done this in the past with no issues…I used it again, and this time…with different results.  This time…I had to take it back to factory settings, twice, to fix things…and uhm, it didn’t actually fix things…now, the laptop won’t turn on.

Yes, I live with an IT guy.  No, thank you, I don’t need advice…I am angling to get a desk top as a replacement, thank you.

So, I have to make do with what I have.  So, no video until I get something that can take video.

That’s the big news–technology limitations here.

I have no access to my files at the moment.  They are all safe on my external hard drive–a hard drive I cannot access from my device …

Which means … no other courses turned into email courses until we get that sorted out.

My laptop was already having issues with the scanner before I tweaked it and killed it…and now…I am still having scanner issues, but I think I can work that one out.  It’s just going to take me some time…and I do have art to show too…several finished pieces… and I am working on things…

We went to Ikea the other day and Evangeline and I both picked up a couple of journals–more on that later–and Evangeline also just gave me a new leather-bound journal with a binder system inside that I can toss in my purse and take with me…and refill as needed…so I have journals in the works with different themes going on…and other than using a journal for a particular class, I’ve never really had a themed journal before…and we’ll see how this goes.

Along with this update, let me throw in another bone into the fire here…I am writing again, slowly, unsurely, but getting there.  I am dipping my feet back into the waters of fiction…and this device does help me along those lines…but I am not really up to putting up a lot of the new stuff…other than short little things here and there.

All that really means is at some point there is going to be more classes come from me…and right now I am not feeling short little bursts of classwork.  I am feeling something deeper, longer, stronger…so we will see how things turn out…

Until next time…thanks for listening.