What Am I Getting Myself Into?

For years now, I have watched and looked at and pondered doing The Sketchbook Project for the Brooklyn Art Library.

For years now, I have talked myself out of it.  The Critic Voices in my head…never good enough, won’t finish it, won’t compare, can’t compete…yada yada yada…

Guess what?  I have better voices in my head this year.

This year the voices in my head were all saying–do it–you can’t say no-it’s going to be fun and interesting and exciting.  It’s going to open so many doors for you–even if only in your own heart.  You deserve to do this.

So, I signed up.  My Volume 15 journal is on its way.

They have themes to help get you started, but they are not hard and fast things.

So, I am pondering themes.  I am pondering media (since acrylic and gesso are frowned upon).  I am pondering rebinding a journal I haven’t seen yet.  I am wondering what it will be like, what it will feel like.

Are you wondering too?

Then, please, come join in.



So, Long Time–No See….

I started this year with a list, a list, I tell you, of blog posts and prompts and things I wanted to write about, talk about, show you guys, here on the blog…and yet…


I got sick in January…yup…I did the best I could…and then the germs lingered…and lingered…

I did two trips in a row around the antibiotic fields of joy-joy drugs that make me almost as sick as I was before but do alleviate the awesome need to remove my teeth with pliers they hurt so bloody bad…uh huh.

It was March…and I looked around, thinking, sheesh, I do NOT want to write a blog post — again — that says, hey, sorry, but I am sick and too ill, too tired, too bleary-eyed to even think of checking email, must less being competent and cohesive enough to write anything decent in a blog post to say–hey, I’m sick–I would have had months worth of daily posts just saying, yup, still sick, yup, still sick…and maybe once in a while, yup, still breathing, or trying to at least…

I am still not sure how we arrived at APRIL (for the love of all that’s holy!)–and yet–here we are–it’s April…

I would like to be able to say (because it’s how I was raised) that I am embarrassed that I have done so little visible work–either with my writing, or art, or posting here–but ya know–being this sick, over and over and over…somtimes heavy heavy can’t it sucks to twitch sick and sometimes just ye gods will this malingering annoyance that saps every bit of everything out of me low-grade BSery, has gotten me to a point where–I am not embarrassed–I am not ashamed–and I am just going to pick up where I left off and move forward. much as if this whole beginning of the year has not simply flown by with little accomplished on my part.

So, fair warning–hopefully I shall be showing up here regularly.  I do have a ton of topics on my list to write about…and although I have been mostly immobile, there has been a great deal of cerebral work happening…and hopefully, more of it will be revealed quite soon.

So Much For “Easing Into” The New Year…

So, we are nearly halfway through (!!!) the first month of the New Year…and all my plans for this is what I am planning for my blog here have come to …nothing…because the Universe apparently had other plans…

I started making art.  I started a fiber project journal (for knitting and crochet).  I started writing up posts for the blog.  I have plans in the works for my Gumroad shop.  I have things written up in my planning notebook…and then…and then…I got sick…like sicker than anyone could ever be sick with some virulent germ-bug that basically took me out of action, literally, for over a week…on top of the other issues I have.

I stepped into January with Christmas presents yet to knit…and thankfully those I finished–and the recipients loved them.  They were projects for Duncan and people who help him–he wanted to do something–he wanted me to knit something–he picked out yarn and colors–he picked out patterns…so a collaborative effort there.

And in a fluke of serendipity (thank you, Universe) — all those hats I was going to knit for people for #hatnothate, hats to be completed before October last year–yep, finally got those out to people this past week–and nope, I don’t think more than one or two were actually any shade of blue–but the people wanting and needing hats from me–got them…before, ya know, spring or summer arrived…

Overall, a productive month thus far, behind the scenes…but I have PLANS for this year…and for this space…and as all my plans go…it seems I will be moving more slowly than I plan for, more slowly than I like–but I AM moving…and moving forward…

So…watch this space…I swear things are percolating and will soon be showing up here…slowly but surely.

Whimsical Wednesdays 2019 — Theme Announcement

Coming every Wednesday in 2019 will be an animal for you to interact with.  use this as a time to explore the animal itself, or perhaps journey with a new spirit animal, whatever takes your fancy.

photo from morguefile.com

I have tried to maintain a neutral animal type when possible–for example, I say dog and not husky, or poodle, or spitz.  You get the picture.  However, there are times when a specific animal will be used because my son helped me pick out some of the animals and he was quite adamant about using certain animals (brush up on your lemurs, people…and be sure to thank the Kratt Brothers for all their hard work–with my son, it really does pay off…)

I will suggest an animal for the week–although you are free to choose any animal you like or that calls to you at any time–and I will offer up a few questions to help you in pursuit of a connection with the given (or any other) animal…

Enjoy the New Year’s coming prompts.


How Is It April Already?

Absolutely NO affiliate links in this post.  Thank you.  J


I forgot that this was April.  I forgot it was National Poetry month.

Honestly, I just flipped the calendar over to the new month yesterday and didn’t notice a thing.

However, I still get emails.  Today, on the 5th, is the first day I received anything that said anything about Poetry month.

On top of that, I know that the 100 Day Project began two days ago.  I have had plans for this year’s 100 days project for a while.  And it fits in beautifully with Tara Leaver’s free 7-day challenge that started today.

Last week, due to the 100 Day Project, I was cognizant enough to pick up paint specifically for my project.  I bought three colors of postcard-sized cardstock, I think back in December (brown, white, black).  I’m not worried about starting late, because with our days, I never thought I would make one thing a day for one hundred days—but I did want to make 100 things within the time allotted.  So I had planned to set up space one day during the week and paint out as many cards as I felt up to…and then work on the individual cards throughout the coming week as I felt able.

Plus, I got an extra push this morning when I received an email from the Kindness Rocks Project suggesting that we leave Random Art of Kindness cards as an art abandonment project.  My original idea was to make up 100 art cards, write or doodle or something (that part hasn’t gelled up quite yet) and then … leave them for people to find…

So—what am I babbling on about here?

The fact that I have four days of poetry to catch up on…and it’s time for me to start my 100 pieces project…as well as making sure I take more than enough time to rest rest rest, recuperate and heal.  Luckily, I can smoosh and splash paint while sitting on the couch…because I am so worn out at the moment…if I had only a few spoons a day before surgery, right now I have one spoon per day…and an energetic five-year-old on top of that…

I will be posting my work as I go along…

Thanks for listening.



A little update for everyone.

I spent most of February planning and preparing for surgery.

Surgery has come and gone.

Everything went well.

I am still healing, and moving very slowly in all areas of everything at the moment.

More content will be arriving, but I have no steady deadlines at the moment.

My focus is on my health.

Everything else will fall into place as it needs to.

Thank you for thinking of me.