Free Email Workshop: How To Make Friends, Both Seen And Unseen

Inspired by friends Tracy Moore and Kerry The Glass Faery to create a workshop to offer up at the World’s Biggest Summit…although I was in no way prepared to have anything ready in time for the Summit…here you will learn how to make friends and how to keep them…and most importantly, how to be one.

What you will learn is how to make friends, both seen and unseen. Many of us seek to connect to … someone…something…outside of ourselves.  This course gives you a chance to explore how to make friends and how to keep them, both with beings you can see, and with beings you may not be able to see.  This course is applicable in your everyday life, as well as giving you some guidance towards exploring things and beings that not everyone thinks of as real.

This is a free 6-day course that will arrive in your inbox every two days.

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