My son Nikolas gifted me with a stack of his watercolor playings.

I took some and glued them onto the substrate to use in my art, after getting his permission to do so.

Here is some of his mounted work:

watermarked-Nik 6x6

This one is 6-inches by 6-inches, a birch panel.

watermarked-nik 12x12

This is a 12-inch by 12-inch MDF board substrate.

I still have a stack of his work to go through and adhere to backgrounds.  I will be setting up a storefront for his work, with his permission.  He will be using the funds for college.  Right now, he wants to be a baker.

I took the above 6-inch by 6-inch piece…and added my little bit to it — and we ended up with the following collaborative piece:

watermarked-Scan_20160318 (3)