Yes, my youngest boy loves to draw, on everything.  Come take a look at our walls, our doors, our floors, his cars, and anything else that will stand still for half a second, including his parents, his siblings, the dogs, the gerbil cage, the fish tanks and the plant pots.

Rather than screaming all the time, we decided to just go with it–and provide him with many many many appropriate outlets for his abounding creativity.  He has no less than four different sketchbooks that he works in.  He has actual spiral-bound notebooks, the lined kind–as well as an assortment of smaller pocket-sized notebooks of the same ilk.  He has coloring books.  He has his own stash of construction paper–he is partial to yellow.

He will upon occasion decide that he and I need to work together–usually when I am working on something myself.  He will snatch up whatever media I am using and pull out one of my sketchbooks…and he will go to town.

It took me a while, in the beginning, to find that space to figure out how not to rip my hair out and to just go with things…and then one day–it hit me…we could collaborate.

Even when that means he hits my 30-inch x 40-inch canvas with poster paint, on purpose, to make his mark.  I have learned to work with those parameters.

Below are some examples of our work together:

I forgot to scan it first but caught myself during the sketching phase.



which turned into:



watermarked-little red



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