Collaboration: Mother And Daughter, Evangeline

watermarked-collab w ev

My daughter Evangeline (who is a VERY talented artist) wanted to do an art exchange.

This particular canvas, we had both played with before.  She would do a layer.  I would do a layer.  She would do a layer.  It went back and forth, until we decided it was done.

The final image was of a full figure with long hair walking through the rain.

Then, I did that swap with Ayala Art. Evangeline loved the format.  One person does the base layer.  One person finishes the painting.

We didn’t quite do it that way.

I think she started by reclaiming the canvas and working on the background.  Then I drew over the figure of a woman.  She painted the face.  I painted the face.

We called it done, sealed and signed it…and here it is.

Read Evangeline’s take on this piece here.