Free Meditations

Created by Evangeline V. Isabella-Lenore.




My mom has fairy eyes.  I am not really sure what that means.  I just know she can see things and hear things I think are there, but I can’t see them and I can’t hear them.  She can hear the trees whisper.  She can hear the wind speak.  She hears the laughter among the flowers.  I don’t hear anything.  She says she can see the fairies and the angels.  I can’t.  Not ever.  She says I just need to practice and be patient.  Here’s one of the exercises she has me do to help me learn to open my fairy eyes and ears.  I will focus it on the trees for this one.

It doesn’t matter if you are inside or outside.  Sit down and get settled. Close your eyes.   Put your hands on your knees or in your lap.  It doesn’t matter so long as they are still.   Then breathe.  Just in and out.  Listen to the sound of your breath.  Relax your brain.   Listen without trying to listen, until you feel a connection with the tree.

You must become the tree.  You can be any sort of tree you want to be.  You can have fruit or nuts or flowers.  Anything you want.  My tree has stars in it.  Put yourself inside the tree.  I start at the bottom.  You are the tree.

Imagine your roots digging down deep into the dirt, poking in, looking for food and for water, touching worms and bugs along the way.  Let your mind travel up the trunk, feeling the sturdy bark surrounding you, protecting you.  Imagine your colors.  The way you smell.  Feel the air on your bark, against your leaves and your branches.  What color are your leaves?  Is it winter?  Or fall? Feel the sunlight falling over you.  Feel your leaves reach out to the sun, wanting more.  Are you warm?

Stay with imagining how it feels to be a tree til you can feel the things that live on you.  Can you feel birds building nests on your branches?  Are ants climbing all over you?  Is there a woodpecker trying to get the bugs out of your trunk?  Go deeper.  Do you hear some little fairy song?  A soft whispery music almost like the wind blowing, but just a little more.  If you hear the singing, you can find the fairy and see her.  Feel with your bark and your branches.  Feel with your leaves.  Do you have fruit or berries or nuts or maybe even flowers?  Feel with them too.  Can you find where the tiny little fairy feet touch you?  When you find them, open your inner eyes and you will see the tree’s guardian fairy.

You can spend time talking with the fairy too, after you find her.

When you are done, you can draw a picture of what you saw, so you can remember.  That way next time you want to see your tree fairy, it will be easier to find her.

Your fairy doesn’t have to be a girl.  It can be a boy too.  You can also see more than one fairy sometimes.

Written by Evangeline Webber in 2007
Her mom did her typing, but Evangeline gave the exact words to use.




I always have lots of energy.  Sometimes I have to stop myself and concentrate so I can calm down.  My mom taught me a way to do this.  You can do it too.

First of all, I stand up straight and imagine a glowing white circle that goes all the way around me.  This is to protect me.  I take a deep breath and I close my eyes.  You can pick whatever colors you want to use when you do this.  I change the colors I use a lot.  My mom taught me to use green, a nice deep grass green.

You start by imagining this green glowing light above your head.  I like to make it a star.  This star moves all over you, starting above your head, shaking energies loose as it goes and picking them up, holding them tight inside its light.  It goes down through your head, picking up the thoughts you don’t need.  It works its way over your shoulders, down your arms, and into your fingers.  As the star picks up more energy you don’t need anymore, it turns darker and darker.  Or maybe yours glows brighter and brighter.  The star goes down your body, past your heart, around your tummy.  It picks up everything from your front and your back all at the same time.  It travels down your legs, past your feet and toes, and dives deep deep into the ground.  That star sinks into the ground, taking all that extra energy with it, sending it to the earth to help things grow.

Then you take a deep breath while raising your arms over your head and really stretching, up on your toes.  At the same time you imagine a bright golden light, like a waterfall of light, coming up from the ground and going up with your arms.  As you breathe out, you let your arms drop to your sides, but as they go down the bright light travels with them, spilling the light all over your body and filling you up with light and love and goodness.  You do that as many times as you have to, until you feel all full of love and light.  I usually do it six or seven times because I like the way it feels.  Sometimes I do it more; sometimes I do it less.

Then you imagine your circle of protection fading away, back into the earth.  You should feel a lot better and much more centered now.

I also do this when I am feeling sad or angry.  It helps me feel better then too.

Written by Evangeline Webber in 2007
Her mom did her typing, but Evangeline gave the exact words to use




My mom says we have a lot of stuff going on.  I get sad a lot.  I get worried a lot.  Sometimes I get scared alot too.  My mom taught me a way to help me feel better when I feel blue.

I usually do this one at bedtime.  I am lying down, all straight like a stick, but not stiff.  I lay relaxed, with my hands on the belly.  I breathe in slowly and I breathe out slowly, as many times as it takes until I feel ok.  Until I feel ready to start.

I keep my eyes closed.  And I draw pictures in my mind.

First I see a path that goes through the trees.  I follow the path til I get to my special spot.  It’s behind a short white fence.  I walk through the gate.  This is my yard.  I have a garden here.

I walk over to where I keep my garden tools.  I pick up a bucket.  Then, I walk around, as long as it takes, picking up small rocks.  Every rock means something to me.

I pick up the shiny black rock because it makes me think of my brother so far away.  I put it in the bucket.

I pick up the green rock with flecks of red on it because it reminds me of my granddad nagging me to eat faster.

I pick up the flat blue rock because it makes me think of moving into our new apartment.

I pick up an orange rock with white stripes because it reminds me of my new kitten, Pumpkin.

I pick up the purple rock because it makes me think of my granny and I miss her.

When I have enough rocks, one for everything that bothers me, I go over to where I keep my tools again and I pick up my little shovel.  I take my shovel and bucket into my garden and I set down my bucket.  I get down on my hands and knees in the dirt and I dig little holes, just big enough to put my rocks in.   I dig one hole for each rock, all in a row, just like a real flower garden.

I dig a hole and pick up the rock that goes in that hole.  I hold the rock in my hand and I think really hard about what that rock means to me.  If it’s my brother I picture his face and I hear his laugh and I put all my love for him and all my missing him into that rock.  When I look at the rock again, it has become a seed.  I put the seed in the hole and I cover it up with dirt.

I do this for every rock I have.  Every rock becomes a seed.  Some of my feelings are good; some of my feelings are sad.  I plant everyone.

Once I am done I put away my bucket and my shovel.  I fill up my watering can with my hose.  Then I water every single seed I just planted.  Then I put my watering can away.

After that, I go to my special place and I do what I want to do.  I don’t think about my garden anymore.

When I leave, I look at my garden.  My seeds always grow.  Every seed grows into a beautiful flower, with all sorts of different colors. Some flowers have stripes.  Some have polka dots.  Sometimes the petals are made out of fabric, or ribbon, or yarn.  But in my garden they always grow.

I always feel better after I plant my seeds.  It’s like putting down something I have been carrying that is really heavy.  After I plant my seeds, I always feel much lighter and much happier.

I hope this works for you too.

Written by Evangeline Webber in 2007
Her mom did her typing, but Evangeline gave the exact words to use.