Ahh–A Clean Space

So, here we are.

A new blog.  Like a fresh clean slate.

A space all of my own.

Maybe it’s not a patch of dirt for me to plant pretty flowers in, but I do guarantee pretty flowers will appear here.

It is the pretty flowers in my heart and in my soul that shall spring forth from this fertile soil.

Now, you will see there are posts before the welcome post now.

Ahhh…with this new blog comes many shifts and changes.

I am all about bringing things together under one roof in my life.

I work from home.  I homeschool.  I paint here.  I write here.  I study here.  Once we move to a nicer location, I will see clients in my home.

I want my online world to reflect that …chemistry … as well.

So, as of 12/31/15, the Ravens In The Writing Desk shall be no more.  I have already set things up to transition the weekly Wednesday prompts over here to this site.  So until the end of this year, there will be cross-posting, but it will give everyone time to change their email subscriptions from there to here, if they so desire.

Ravens is another baby that started as a writer’s notebook and then morphed and shifted.  It has gone through many incarnations of its own.  Now, it shall be consumed and its flesh used to build a new foundation on this blog.

What else is coming for this blog?

I am hoping to 1* provide more tutorials and ideas for the work that I do, 2* provide more articles and insights about who knows what really, and 3* add more personal touches, words, works to this space.

I want to claim this space and make it my own.

Now, I am not planning to pull the A to Z challenge drawings from its new source…once those sketches have become finished pieces, I will surely share them here, but in their unfinished barely fleshed-out state, I prefer to leave them on the other blog.

That said, I do mean to complete the challenge and post twenty-six sketches, a to z.  I may not be posting much other than that, because my focus will now move over to this space.

Any questions, comments, or concerns, please email me at Tabitha (at) sistersintheshadows (dot) com—remember to replace the (at) and (dot) with the proper symbols please.

Welcome To My New Space

Well, I could detail the process that lead to the creation of this blog–but, man, is that a long, drawn-out and convoluted story that I honestly do not care to relive at the moment–as I am still recovering from it.

Let it suffice to say that I needed some space for the me I am right now…and this is it.

My former blog (now defunct and unreachable due to said story above) was created in roughly 2007–and it stood throughout so many different iterations.  It began life as a writer’s notebook.  Now, it is done.  That season, of being on the wrong side of the mirror, has passed.

watermarked-heart spirit sight

Now, I know–I am on the right side of the mirror…on my side…my Alyce Journey continues…come along with me, if you have a mind to do so.




This piece is called “Open”…as I was creating this piece, I wanted to put a word or a sentiment or something…but as I came to the end of it…I kept getting all sorts of words–and everything fit…so I walked away–and it hit me–I have to be open to what she has to say at any given time…so…”open” she is…

This piece was inspired by Christy Tomlinson’s class She Art 1

She is on a 6 inch by 12 inch canvas.