For Sale: Spirit Dolls

These dolls are meant for adults only.  None of these dolls are safe for children.

Email me to request a special order.

Not all my dolls tell me their names or their stories.  This is one of them.
This lovely Lady is a Journey Doll.  Whether your Journey be spiritual or physical, this is the Lady who will be your Guide and your Comfort as you make your way along your Path.

This doll is roughly 9 inches tall.  She is made with free fallen oak wood, polymer clay molded face, acrylic paints, various yarns, and felted wool.

Bring her home to you today.

$75.00 plus first class shipping

Here is another doll who is holding on to her secrets.  This is a Prosperity Doll.  She stands approximately 6 inches tall.  She is made of hand molded air dried clay, felted wool, quilt remnants, a coin, yarn, and a basic polymer to affix the face to the body.

$45.00 plus first class shipping


This is Tatiyana.  She is quite the Mystery Lady.  All I can tell you for sure about her is she is full of fun vivacious creative energy.  Everything else, she is keeping to herself to give only to the person to whom she belongs

Tatiyana is approximately 14 inches tall, including her tails.  She is made from polymer clays, cotton fabrics, quilt batting, steel wire, glass and plastic beads, ribbon, and thread.

She is ready for any adventure you can think of.

$55.00 + first class shipping



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