For Sale: Tarot And Oracle Card Exploration

Tarot And Oracle Card Exploration:
A Mixed Media Adventure

The questions I had about working with and learning about my own decks, as well as the questions my daughter came to me with about her own journey, prompted me to create this course.
This is not your typical Tarot course.  We won’t be delving into the Traditional meanings of cards.

What we will be doing is working with and delving into each card individually, regardless of what deck you own or what deck you are using.  You can use any Tarot or Oracle deck, any hand-made cards you have created or someone else has created, any playing deck, or any other deck that appeals to you.

This course is all about the process.
Using writing, journalling and art-making in a variety of manners, you will connect with and delve into the information offered to you by your cards.

You do not need any prior experience with your cards, nor do you need to be an artist, to take this course.  All you need is a deck of cards and a willingness to explore with a few simple tools.

The cost of this program is $25 US.
The course comes to you as downloadable PDF.

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