For Sale : The Mermaid Challenge

If you are looking for a happy red-haired, blue-eyed joyful cartoon experience of mermaids, you have come to the wrong place.

Welcome to my world, where mermaids come in a variety of sizes, colors and temperaments.
In this course, we delve into various aspects of the Underwater Kingdoms.

The Downloadable PDF Version
Inside this forty-seven page PDF, there are rich mountains, as well as vast oceans, of work to be done.

In this self-paced program, you will find the typical prompts that will encourage you to paint or draw or sketch or whatever it is that you do various mermaids.  There are also myriad questions to investigate on your own to learn more about mermaids and other water-dwelling creatures.  Plus, there is a section of personal journalling questions to help you deepen your relationship with all things mermaid and with yourself as well.

And let’s not discount the thirty-one prompts, with bonus prompt, that is the backbone of this course.

 How To Interact With These Prompts
You can interact with the main prompts in whatever way feels best and works best for you.
Paint.  Write poetry.  Write stories.  Doodle.  Collage.  Dance.  What you do with these prompts is as unlimited as your imagination.

Supply List
Something to make marks with
Something to make marks on

Use whatever you have on-hand.  Use what you find comfortable.  Use what you find exciting.

The cost of this program is $25 US.
It comes to you as downloadable PDF.

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The Email Edition 

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