Another Week Of #100FunFabFaces

The journal I am using--isn't really meant to be an art journal.  It's a simple 8 inches by 6 inches book, filled with thin brown-toned kraft paper.  The pages are thin--and they do not seem very thrilled with wet media...They are going to have to suck it up anyway because that's what I fancy working … Continue reading Another Week Of #100FunFabFaces


Karen Campbell’s #100FunFabFaces Challenge

#1--I am wicked behind on this challenge.  I started it with everyone on time--then my husband went out of the country on a business trip...and then the December holidays hit...along with my being sick, then the small boy being sick, then my husband's annual ski trip--and he brought back some horrible germs from that trip--although … Continue reading Karen Campbell’s #100FunFabFaces Challenge

Eleven Days In…And Now I Am Posting About It…

It's September...ok, so it is seriously 11 days into September now...and Ayala Art is hosting another round of 29 Faces. I was lucky enough to catch some posts on Instagram that reminded me that hey, it's September...people are making faces...I caught that on the 3rd ... So, it's the 11th...and we as a family … Continue reading Eleven Days In…And Now I Am Posting About It…

September 29 Faces Check-In

Ayala Art's September 29 Faces is here...and it began on September 1. Forget anything I said about planning anything... September 1 arrived...and I basically panicked... I grabbed my two-minute self-portrait journal and figured -- quick fast and dirty portraits: GO! So these are not two-minute portraits.  So far, most are done in charcoal pencil...the last … Continue reading September 29 Faces Check-In

Ayala Art’s 29 Faces Challenge This September

Ayala Art hosts 29 faces every February and every September. I have participated in two of these challenges thus far, because those are the only ones I have known about.  However, I am greatly looking forward to this September 29 Faces challenge. It's August right now.  I am already contemplating -- style -- genre -- … Continue reading Ayala Art’s 29 Faces Challenge This September