This is the Spirit of the Apple, the Apple Deva.

She is the Seed Within, a sentient wish awaiting her chance at a piece of earth and the grace of the Sun.

She is the mother, the womb, waiting to birth forth from infinitesimal space a new being that will grow and learn and burst forth to feed countless others with the wisdom of her body.



You can go to to see the prompts for this 21 Day Fall Sketch Challenge.



I am not sure how this little fairy creature came to be with apple as a starting prompt….I had no intention of sketching a face.  I wasn’t planning on doing a single apple either.  I had originally thought of sketching a winter time apple tree.  Bare of branches, apples rotted upon the ground beneath, feeding the crop for next year throughout the winter.

Then, my pencil touched paper…and before i knew it, she was sketched, she was outlined…and she told me…she is the genii in the apple.  Who am I to tell her otherwise?